Las Vegas: Home of the Over-sharer

It started on the first full day of my recent vacation in Vegas, but I didn’t realize it was a pattern until the flight home.  My husband, sister, future brother in law, and I had met at a restaurant for breakfast.  When our waitress came to take our drink order, as she left she said, “Happy Fourth of July!”  My sister said thanks and asked her if she was going to be working late, or getting off work in time to celebrate.  “I’m getting off at three!!” she replied. “I love Fourth of July. I just can’t wait to get f**d up!!”  Wow.  Have fun with that.

Then there was the cab driver who told us (as he was dropping us off at Circus Circus for dinner) that he would never go there ever, and anyone who wanted to go there was crazy, because it was the worst casino on the strip.  Tactful.  And the poolside waitress who, after sharing that she liked to let her dog kiss her mouth even after the dog had been cleaning its privates, let us know that the reason she’s been in such a bad mood lately is because she really needed to get laid.  And finally, our cab driver on the drive to the airport sharing that business has been so bad that she was crying earlier that morning, and made approximately $.70 per hour the day before.  Boundaries, people!

Why do people do this?  Maybe because they know chances are very slim of ever seeing again the tourist they just dumped on,  so who cares.  Or maybe the personality type that is drawn to live in a town like Vegas is very talkative.  A desperate need to talk to someone, anyone.  Likely it’s a combination of many things that I have no idea about.  I would like to find out though!

And one thing is for sure—this experience has made me want to be more aware of any oversharing tendencies of my own.  I will definitely be more careful in the future not to share too much.  Because I’m pretty sure the guy who checks me into my hotel next week doesn’t care one way or the other about how I have the cutest, best dogs in the world, or how I got lost on the way there and started crying in the car.  Or how much I am looking forward to getting f**d up that night.

More to come from the Vegas trip……


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