Travel beauty rave: Baggallini Curling Iron Cover

curling iron coverSometimes the easiest travel hairstyle is an updo. Other times, however, I want to do my normal hairstyle even when on the road. I have moderately curly hair, but the curls aren’t even (and tend to frizz, argh)  so I smooth them out a bit with a curling iron. My Conair ¾ inch barrel curling iron worked great for years, but I haven’t had a cut since my twins were born last summer (whoa) and my hair is looooong.

To help, my sister gave me her 1.5 inch barrel curling iron. It takes so much less time, which  is awesome. The problem is that she didn’t have a cover for it, so  once I started traveling it became a bit of an issue. I do my hair as one of the last parts of getting ready, and the curling iron just wasn’t cooling down enough to put in my suitcase. I tried doing my hair earlier in the process but it just didn’t work.

After some searching, I found the Baggallini Curling Iron Cover. It is awesome! Because it’s heat-safe inside, when I’m done with my hair I just slip the curling iron inside and throw it in my suitcase. No more worry about burning clothes or melting plastic! There are a ton of curling iron covers on Amazon, but I went with the Baggallini version because it  has a cord pocket, not to mention a high rating with almost 50 reviews. It’s only $10 which is a steal considering the time I’ve saved not waiting for my iron to cool down. Highly recommend!

Readers, when in your morning routine do you do your hair? Do you have a solution for putting hot tools in your suitcase?

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  1. I now travel with a Conair mini-You 2 in 1 styler. It comes with its own thermal case. Before that I just used a regular curling iron and stuffed it into a thick wool sock. It worked.

  2. I have a Remington Wet-to-Dry flat iron that I bring on all my trips. I had trouble finding a cover, so I bought a potholder at the dollar store, folded it in half, and stitched one short side and the long side closed, leaving an opening that perfectly fit my flat iron. It works GREAT.

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