3 Tips for New Business Travelers (from a fellow Road Warrior)

makeup remover wipesIn January I got an email from Reader H. She started traveling for nearly full-time for work last summer, and generously took the time to list out a lot of the things that have made her successful. This week I’m going to highlight some of her tips about status, keeping her skin looking great, and working out on the road. Next week I will share her favorite products that make business travel easier.

Getting status:

Since I travel every week, I stay at Marriott properties exclusively (I just paid for 4 nights at the JW Marriott Orlando with my points!).  If you travel frequently, be sure to call them and ask to be a part of their Platinum Challenge. If you have 9-stays (not nights, but STAYS) in 3 months you will automatically gain Platinum status.  #nice!


It was one of my goals when I started traveling for work to take better care of my skin and let me tell you what a difference it has made. I kid you not my friends and co-workers have even commented on how nice my skin looks, and that I look YOUNGER! Score! Here’s my secret – I FORCE  myself to take my makeup off. No matter how late my dinner meeting…and that is tough, but I do it.  AND, this is my extra special super secret advice – I have invested in the Oil of Olay skin care products, the Pro X line.  I’m shocked at what their under-eye cream has done for me. And I love their Brightening Renewal Cream.  I also use the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes and I buy them in-bulk at Sam’s Club ’cause it’s cheaper that way.  Careful though, they can be a bit rough on your skin, so keep an eye on that. (Editor’s note:  I’ve also seen them at Costco.)

Working Out:

Before I started this job I worked out 3-4 times a week at least. Now I never do because I’m on the road nearly every day. BUT, what I do is I force myself to walk as much as possible when I’m traveling. I don’t take the tram at the airports – I walk between terminals, I take the stairs every chance I get, I walk in the city I’m in to get dinner or food, heck, sometimes I’ve been known to walk to get M&Ms and Wine as my dinner – yes, I’m not afraid to admit it. Dinner Of Champions!  But since I started this job I’ve actually slimmed down a tiny bit – trust me, I’m SHOCKED.  I’ve decided it’s just that I’m introducing more “Steps” or something in my day and it really has made a difference.  Take it for what it’s worth.

Thank you, Reader H!

Readers, do you have any other tips for new business travelers?


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