Wait for your luggage at airport security

Back and forth, across the country, everywhere, all the time…. Y’all I swear I’ve been so busy I’m losing my mind. What a crazy few weeks! Many apologies for the tardy posts. Hoping now that some of my major travel is past I can get back to a regular writing schedule.

Today I want to talk about something that is not particularly exciting, but still a critical part of the travel experience: Airport security. For some reason, at security rational, experienced travelers turn into wild animals, pushing in front of people, dropping their belongings, taking foreeeeevvvvver to find their documents…. Okay maybe wild animals is a stretch. But I stand by the rest of it!

In the past I’ve gone over how to make going through security as easy as possible, but sometimes there are curveballs. Last week, going through LaGuardia, when I first got in line they didn’t have a Pre-check lane open. I had plenty of time, so tried to be open minded. (Time to read my book, or catch up on SNL, or send an email. Right?) However when I was halfway through the line they opened up a Pre-check lane. Hooray! I got behind a couple of people but remembered right when I got to the front I had a bottle of water in my bag. I reached into the bag, grabbed it, and tossed it into the recycling bin. The process took me less than five seconds. During that five seconds the woman behind me evidently got impatient, as she walked around me to get to the metal detector, leaving her bags on the table behind me.

Seriously, I just don’t understand the reasoning. She still had to wait for my bags to go through the x-ray, and for me to go through the metal detector and get my bags. What’s the point of skipping ahead? And seriously–in the Pre-check line? I feel like those people generally know better. Maybe she was one of the random travelers who got sent to the Pre-check line, rather than a regular. It’s the only thing I can figure.

Also, she sure has a lot of faith in humanity. What if the person she left her bags with was a jerk? I admit–I pushed them through because I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do. But what if the person behind her was a thief and took something? And all of this risk for basically no time gained. Bizarre.

The moral of the story is–don’t go through the metal detector or body scanner without pushing your your bags onto the conveyor belt to be x-rayed. It doesn’t matter if you skip ahead, or think the x-ray machine is taking too long. It’s not the TSA’s job (or your fellow passengers’ job) to push your stuff through.

Readers, have you seen anything crazy lately at airport security?


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  1. I won’t touch another persons stuff in security. What if there is something bad in there and you are on camera pushing it into the machine. Not a good idea. Also rude on her part. A better move would be to set it on the floor under the prep table and watxh her wait for it on the other side 🙂

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