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Incredibly Helpful Business Packing Video

During TBEX, one of the fantastic people I met was Sheila Scarborough from Perceptive Travel (among other places). Her vitality and passion for travel are contagious, and I had a great time visiting with her. One of the things she has put together is this fantastic video that shows her packing for a business trip. …

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4 Packing Myths Debunked

a group of colorful bottles

A few weeks ago I was on a business trip eating dinner with a colleague, and the conversation turned to packing. “I see all of these people traveling with their little carry-ons, and I can’t figure out for the life of me how they fit everything they need in there! Where do their shoes go?…

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Packing a suit without wrinkles

a close-up of a suitcase

Is it possible to bring suits on a business trip without getting them wrinkled? Reader B asks…. Help RW! I have to wear suits every day on my work trips but can’t figure out how to pack them without wrinkling. Do you have any suggestions? A few wrinkles may be inevitable, but there are definitely…

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