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5 Travel Safety Tips

When women travel alone, whether it’s business or personal, it’s important to keep safety top of mind. Don’t feel foolish or paranoid—it’s simple to be aware of your surroundings and take a few basic precautions, and far better than the alternative. These are five things I do on every trip. Choose a hotel with indoor…

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Business Travel 101: Looking Good When You Get To Your Destination (Revisited)

Business Travel 101 is a series from a couple of years ago about making that first business trip as easy and successful as possible. I’ve re-tooled the series, and now it’s more comprehensive than ever! It covers everything a new business traveler needs to know for that initial trip, including essential tips for packing, security,…

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How to Pack for a Conference

Blog World Week continues on Road Warriorette! I had such a fabulous time, despite the somewhat rocky start. One of the highlights was going out to dinner with the Boarding Area crew on Friday night, where I got to meet the famous Randy Petersen, AadvantageGeek,  Deals We Like, Frequently Flying, Loyalty Traveler, Mommy Points, Wandering…

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Are Women Business Travelers Treated Differently?

I am often asked if I am treated differently when traveling because I am a woman. Do I feel pressure to fit into a man’s world, especially as so few business travelers are female? The first thing I do is correct whoever I am speaking to. Women make up almost half of business travelers, and…

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Sephora Vending Machines Taking Over the World (or at least Nashville)

It’s not just in DFW anymore!! Monday morning I was leaving the plane, checking out the cute outfits of the New York lady business travelers (they are inspiring, seriously) and started heading toward Starbucks. An amazing sight stopped me. There is a Sephora vending machine in DFW, across from gate C12. It’s so exciting to…

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