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Delta announces five-tiered seating plan. Is it good for business travelers?

Delta Air Lines announced a rebrand of its cabin options on Monday, which includes an overhaul of its economy and enhanced economy service. Delta says they made this change to tailor to customers specific needs.  Starting March 1, 2015 Delta customers will have five products to choose from, including Delta One, First Class and Delta Comfort+, Main Cabin,…

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Business travel news roundup

Here are the stories that caught my eye in the last week or so…. It surprises me that there were more bags lots but fewer complaints.  Airlines Got Fewer Complaints But Bungled More Bags, from NBC News. (They also tell you what the world’s best airport is!) Does your airline owe you money? USA Today…

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Shoulder surfing: Are you responsible if another traveler is offended by your screen?

Okay. So you’re on a plane, and you finish up your work and close your laptop. You glance across the aisle, and realize that a person near you is watching porn. What do you do? According to a recent article from USA Today, looking at other passengers’ phone and computer screens is called “shoulder surfing,”…

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