Pregnancy and business travel

September 2, 2015 - Leave a Response

For many, travel is a frequent part of their job, and it’s not always easy. Add pregnancy to that, and maternity shirtthings get quite a bit more complicated! As you can imagine, being pregnant and traveling for work means a lot of adjustments travel-wise. Some women don’t have any issues traveling during pregnancy—lucky them! Unfortunately, I was not those women.

During my first pregnancy I felt terrible my first tri, nauseous and exhausted virtually all the time. The second trimester was pretty good (once the nausea wore off), but by the third tri I was pretty uncomfortable and moving really slowly. Double all of that for my twin pregnancy! There were a few things I learned that made business travel while pregnant easier, if not necessarily fun. Here are my tips: Read more of this article »

Travel During the Third Trimester

October 30, 2012 - One Response

It’s the final stretch! You’ve gotten through the nausea of the first tri, had a grand old time during the second tri, and now you’re in your final trimester. In case you haven’t realized it, traveling while pregnant requires a lot of adjustments. I’ve covered tips for making travel easier during the first and second trimesters, so now onto the third tri. My final flight was at 34 weeks and my final trip was at 36 weeks. I was huge, hot, and very slow moving. In a nutshell, my advice is to take it easy and give yourself lots of time! Trust me, you will need it. (Pictured: Motherhood Maternity Side Ruched top, on sale on Amazon for $9.99.)

Compression socks. Even more important in the third trimester, compression socks will help keep your circulation going. This reduces your risk of a blood clot while flying, as well as keep swelling to a minimum.

Stay hydrated. Even though you are probably running to the lav every thirty minutes, it is SO important to drink enough fluids. Being dehydrated can cause false labor contractions, and those can sometimes turn into real labor, which you definitely don’t want while far from home! So drink up.

Check your bags. I wouldn’t recommend trying to carry on your bags in the third trimester. They are probably too heavy to comfortably lift. Plus it’s hard enough just getting yourself around a large airport, much less muscling suitcases around.

Give yourself lots of time. Typically I arrive at the airport about 45 minutes before my flight takes off. But during that last tri I got there about an hour and a half ahead of time. It just took me sooooo much time to get around that I needed the cushion. It also alleviated a lot of potential stress to know that I had plenty of time.

Take assistance if you need it. If your connecting gate is too far for you to make without over-exerting yourself, use airline assistance. Either a cart or a nice person with a wheelchair will get you to your gate. Just remember to bring a few dollar bills for tip! Another option is to schedule more time than normal between flights. Read more of this article »