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There are many types of travel toiletries out there, and knowing what is needed and not can be a daunting task. I love all of my hair and skin products, but my favorite travel toiletry is my Smashbox Makeup Primer.  It keeps my makeup in place during my longest travel days.  (Read my post on Smashbox Makeup Primer here.)  My other favorite travel toiletry products are my Burt’s Bees Face Wipes.  They make it quick and easy to take my makeup off even when I’m exhausted.  (Read my post on Burt’s Bees Face Wipes here.)

A few of my other favorites:

  • Intuition razor—shaving cream and razor in one!
  • Aveda Tinted Moisturizer—moisturizer and coverage in one! (I’m sensing a two-in-one theme here…)
  • And while I love my regular curling iron, I’m really hoping someone will give me a good travel curling iron for my birthday (ahem, Home Warrior!!)

I also was very interested in what my readers had to say. So I asked what their favorite travel toiletry product was and why.  Below are their responses to the original post.  


  • GetToThePoints said, Shea butter moisturizer– the dry air in the airports, planes and hotels really does a number on my skin. Products with shea butter don’t break me out and do a great job.
  • J said, Lip balm, Burt’s Bees
  • tiffany l said, i love taking h20+ travel sized shampoo and conditioner with me because it’s super moisturizing, no matter what type of water the place you’re visiting is.
  • Annie said, My absolute favorite travel toiletry is the Kanebo Suisai facial cleanser powder. It so convenient because it comes in tiny cups for one-time use and it’s a powder. If it’s a short trip, I’ll just bring a couple of these and some sample packets of moisturizers. No need to take anything out of the bag at security! Also don’t have to worry about anything leaking.
  • Sara said, I carry acne fighting face wash. Even though I do not have acne, getting ready for a trip and being on a trip causes unusual skin breakouts.
  • Sd said, Fresh sky cleanser and sephora face masks. I do a mask while I’m working on the evening so I look bright in the morning!
  • Cheryl McLeod said, Just found this really cute & handy razor, the Venus Snap Razor, it’s tiny, comes in it’s own case & I actually find it easier to handle than my full size razor at home.
  • Tyler Q said, Shisheido Whitening Softener. Makes your skin so smooth and soft with a pearl like glow!
  • Gk Webb said, Rose water spritz
    Refreshing & hydrating
  • Michelle said, My favorite is Laura Mercier eyeliner. It lasts perfectly through long flights.
  • Elle said, Just one? I always carry Pond’s Evening Soothe face wipes. The scent is divine and I think they remove makeup better than any other wipe out there. I double-ziplock enough for each night away. I also just discovered Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask (which is not one of those monster-masks). I used on a flight to Europe and each night there, and my skin felt so much better. Finally, I love Smith’s “Rosebud Salve in a Tube.” I use it as lip balm/gloss, but evidently it’s also good for cuticles, minor cuts, burns, etc.:
  • Liz said, I love DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips. They perk my eyes up after restless sleep on a long flight.
  • Amber F. said, I love the L’Occitane Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner. It makes my hair feel so soft & healthy, and the scent is amazing!
  • Karen said, I recently found these deodorant towelettes at Whole Foods… Much more convenient than regular size and the come in unscented which most travel size deodorants do not.
  • Wendy said, smashbox eyeliner goes everywhere with me. I don’t wear very much makeup. Normally just tinted moisturizer and eyeliner.
  • Kay said,7th generation baby wipes to freshen up and wipe down tray tables (and wipe my baby’s bum)
  • Kelly Henry said, I never leave home without:
    1. Aveda Stress-fix Roll-on Concentrate $24 (its the first thing i do as soon as i sit down on a plane).
    2. Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Retinol Pads $74 (pads – clarifying lotion in a pad so no problem with security)
    3. Wet Ones travel size (20 wipes for 1.99 (fits into your briefcase and cleans everything)
  • Jennifer said, Savon de Marseille — solid soap. Doesn’t count as a liquid and can be used as soap or shampoo or for washing clothes.
  • Cassie K said, J.R. Liggett Bar Shampoo– Hair body and clothes!
  • Keith said, olivier Dry Skin Cream – moisturizes skin after a long flight. Especially nice in the winter when the air is dry.
  • Alison M said, Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark and Deep Brown. Dry shampoo is a must when traveling to quickly freshen up your hair on long travel days. Bastiste’s dark and deep brown dry shampoo is the best because I’m a brunette and the shampoo comes out brown instead of white, so my hair doesn’t look like I’ve put flour in it and it quickly takes away any grease between washes!
  • Tara said, Khiehls Midnight Recovery serum, hydrates my skin after long plane rides and smells like the stuff they put on your face after a facial–spa treat in my hotel room!
  • Diana said, single-use eye drops; i like the preservative free optive. they take up hardly any room, and i only need to take as many as i think i may need. since I know i’ll need more in arizona than louisiana, i can pack accordingly. after getting LASIK, they became a must-have for me.
  • Dan said, Dr. Bronner’s individual liquid soap packs, which can be used for so many things, are pure, and come in delightful flavors.
  • Andrea H said, I like the Clinique all about eyes roller ball–it really helps with my puffiness when I don’t get enough sleep!
  • Mandy S said, Tea Tree Oil – put a couple of drops under your nose to keep in-flight bugs at bay. For cuts and scraps it can be used as an antiseptic. For a sore throat, put a couple of drops in water and gargle.
  • Lori W said, What is your favorite travel toiletry or grooming product and the reason it’s your favorite (the more specific you can be the better).Firstly, I am a beauty junkie so it’s hard to pick just one! However, the top two items that I will not leave the house without are (1) my rose stick from Etsy and (2) my Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45. Frequent travelers know the value and the need for multi-use items and both of these fit the bill. My rose stick serves as my lipbalm, my eye cream, my cuticle cream, and anytime moisturizer when I get flaky from that dry airplane air. Oh and it doesn’t have to go in the (in)famous 3-1-1 bag because of the stick formulation. The Dr. Jart is my one-step morning routine – with anti-aging ingredients plus medium-to-full coverage and high SPF, it lasts all day and takes care of my skin at the same time. Filling one side of my little contact case will last me at least a week!
  • Justine said, A toothbrush! I feel like I can improvise all other toiletries from what I can find in public facilities, but nothing replaces a thorough teeth brushing — not gum, mints, mouthwash, or teeth wipes.
  • Cindy A. said, Baby wipes! I use them for everything from removing my eye makeup to cleaning the car when something spills. They are by far my favorite travel product.
  • Kirstin said, Toothy tabs from LUSH not a fluid toothpaste, chew the tab between you front teeth and it foams up , then brush. Dry shampoo is a life saver, I go cheap with the TreSemme. Spray in hair when I first get up. Do beauty routine, rub in, brush and style. Glamglow Thirstymud for intense hydration on international flights, I put it on when I board, Bathand Body Works pocket hand sanitizer gel, I wipe the tray with it and my hands after boarding , plus rub some in each nostril, keeps me healthy thus beautiful!
  • Pam said, I feel like toiletries are one way I get a little bit of luxury on the road. I love bringing my own shower gel (& loofah!) because it’s just soooo much better than the solid soap and a washcloth. But right now, I’m loving all of aveda’s travel products but specifically the moisturizing facial products. It’s like i am visiting a spa every night. Makes for great stocking stuffers too!!
  • Tiffany said, Evian Mineral Water Spray! I use it to keep my skin hydrated on long flights. I spray it on several times during the flight. It helps me not look so dry and it feels good. Sometimes, I even take off my makeup with it and respray and then reapply right before I land. I may be exhausted, but at least my skin doesn’t look so tired.
  • Tami said, I love travel size packets of Clorox disinfecting wipes. They’re great to have on hand for those unexpected moments!
  • Candace said, I love my travel tube of living Proof Style extender. I really hate styling my hair without my regular dryer, so this product helps keep my style looking good longer.
  • Karl P said, I pack a small bottle of Polo Green After-Shave. I find it invigorates me and gets the smell out of my nose and clothing quickly, once I get off the plane.
  • Lady Light Travel said, I decant my liquids into itty bitty bottles, so have no liquid travel sized toiletries. That leaves my favorite dry toiletries:
    * Crystal solid deodorant – the travel sized stick lasts months!
    * Honey House Naturals travel sized lotion bar – a small solid lotion that quickly heals chapped hands
    * solid shampoo bars I want to second the Savon de Marseille and the Venus razor
  • Mary said, I love anything that comes in a wipe or is multipurpose i.e. Herban Wipes. I use to wipe the tables in the airport food courts, to wipe down my tray table, my hands, I even use on my yoga mat. My other favorite is a BB, CC or tinted moisturizer. It’s a moisturizer, primer, concealer, all in one and I can apply sans mirror if need be.
  • sincerely, me said, bumble and bumble shampoo! the gentle is my favorite, but I also like the coconut
  • GTD said, Axe Hair Gel
  • Brittany V. said, Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is a great facial moisturizer for my oily combination skin. Either use a small amount as moisturizer or spread it on thick for a mask that absorbs in 5 minutes. My skin feels so soft afterwards!
  • Neille said, I never leave home for personal or travel without an Anti-Friction Stick. I rub it on my feet before I put heels on and no more blisters. My daughter uses it before she puts on flip-flops. The Best toiletry ever!
  • Rachel said, A bar of Doc Bronner’s Magic Soap in lavender. I use it as soap, face wash, shampoo, and, in a pinch, laundry soap. Doesn’t count as a liquid!
  • mary said, I like Say Yes to Blueberries makeup removing face cloths for travel.
  • Ruby E said, Can’t leave home without a toothbrush, a travel sized toothpaste tub & my cetaphil facial wash.
    Oh, and the tiny Body Shop shower gels are heaven too
  • Jen said, My favorite travel toiletry product is the Yes To brand face wipes! They are great for cleaning your face, hands, or even feet before bed in a pinch! They also smell great and are relatively good for your skin!
  • Miki said, Biore restore skin boosting night serum. I use it when traveling as it is oil free so it does not leave your face shiny. It is a serum so it is so soft when you apply it and it leaves your face hydrated when flying or traveling.
  • nick said, chapstick. lips get dry on thise long flights plus you can use it for cracked skin in a pinch
  • Denise L said, I always take Batiste Dry Shampoo so I can freshen up my hair upon arrival.
  • Kenneth said, Love my snap razor
  • Jennifer said, everything travel sized
  • Candace said, Venus razor – allergic to fragrance and this solves the problem of not being able to use shave gel!

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