Yes, you should totally use the Admirals Club showers!

While visiting with a friend last week, she mentioned that she had her second trip to Asia coming up in a month. We Admirals shower 1commiserated about the lengthy travel times and uncomfortable coach segments. Then she said how sticky and gross she felt after wearing the same clothes for 24-30 hours. “Plus, the humidity just makes everything worse!” she lamented. I agreed, then said, “But the Admirals Club showers sure do make everything feel better!” She sighed. “I didn’t use the shower. It just seemed like so much work! And after that 14-hour flight I just didn’t have the energy to figure it out.”

Okay, I get it. After almost a day of travel, culture shock, lounges that aren’t exactly easy to find, and sheer exhaustion, the idea of adding yet another new thing to your list feels completely overwhelming. In fact, during my first several trips to Manila I avoided them for that very reason. But when I finally took the plunge it was so easy, and so completely worth it. After a six hour flight from Manila to Tokyo, a four hour layover, and a nine hour flight from Tokyo to LAX, more than Admirals shower 3anything I wanted to clean up.  I had three hours to kill once I got through customs and security, and I was determined that I would be brave, make the effort, and take a darn shower!

Honestly, it really couldn’t have been any easier. I stopped at the front desk (past the gatekeepers) and asked how it worked. The lady was super nice, and all I had to do was give her my boarding pass and she gave me a key to a numbered shower. The room itself was like a nice mid-range hotel bathroom—think Marriott or Hilton. There were fresh towels, a bathmat, a hairdryer, and liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner in a dispenser in the shower. There were also several hooks, great for holding my clothes and toiletry kit. I walked out of that Admirals Club feeling like a new woman, revived and refreshed for the final four-hour flight home.Admirals shower 2

So my advice to any new international business traveler—if you have access to one of the Admirals Clubs (or other airline clubs) with shower suites, don’t be afraid to check them out! It’s much easier than you expect, and it can make a world of difference during a long and difficult trip.

(Sorry for my terrible iPhone pictures!)

Readers, have you used a shower suite at a lounge during an international trip? Which lounges have the best?

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  1. One of the ACs in DFW has a rudimentary gym. Used to love a workout and shower when flying in from FRA.

  2. Oh definitely use the club showers! The best is the Cabana @ Cathay Pacific 1st lounge, the Wing. AA has lots of nice showers through the system. Enjoy!

  3. I always use their showers. I even checked out a shower in a UA club in ORD. Not bad either!

  4. This is correct. When visiting an AC in LAX/DFW/JFK/ORD/MIA during a 2hr+ layover, using the shower is a must. It’s especially nice before a red eye, or during an international connection. I just wish CLT/PHL/PHX had showers, too. (DCA would be nice, but it’s probably not worth the cost.)

  5. A shower on arrival seems nice, but usually after customs you are dumped outside the airside secure area with your all your luggage. How do you get back in the secure area where the club is? Where do you put your checked luggage? If your club access is based on flying business or first internationally, will the club accept the boarding pass of the completed flight.

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