Contest!!! Win a vacation for two from Home2 Suites by Hilton!! (Closed)

May 2, 2012

Home2 Suites by Hilton, the award-winning, all-suites extended stay brand, is celebrating one year since opening the doors to its first hotel, and introducing guests to its innovative “hip and humble” concept. Many guests have already made Home2 Suites their go-to home away from home, coming back every time they have to visit one the seven destinations across the United States where it has locations. The brand already has nine new hotels under construction and more than 70 in the works including Canada.

They have a lot of great features, including free breakfast, free wifi, in-room kitchen facilities, outdoor spaces, and more. My two favorite items are that it is pet-friendly (yay!) and has a number of sustainable features.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Home2 Suites by Hilton opening, we are holding a contest. Hooray! The winner of this contest will get a three-night stay for two in the Home2 Suites by Hilton property of their choice, roundtrip airfare, and money for food. Wow!

Now you’re probably all asking, how can I win? It’s simple, as it usually is here on Road Warriorette. Simply leave a comment answering the following question: What is your best tip for someone going on their first extended business trip? We will draw a winner at random next week. Only one entry per person.

Since I am on my first extended business trip right now, this contest seems very appropriate for this week. I will post my best tip next week, once I have the experience to back it up!

For more first birthday fun, check out Home2 Suites by Hilton on Facebook and Twitter (@Home2Suites)!

Thanks for entering!!!

  1. Hannah said,

    Make a go-to playlist on your phone or iPod, so you can have your own mini-sanctuary with you at all times. Make sure it’s exciting enough, but also comforting (maybe something that reminds you of family or friends), so you always have a little familiar stimulation to help you feel at home wherever you go.

  2. Delta Points said,

    Wow nice promo! For me, have a set “down time” each day or you will find yourself working 24/7 and burn out and be less productive!

  3. Mo said,

    I never travel – short, long, plane or car – without compression socks and soft foam ear plugs.

  4. Charlotte said,

    Make sure you know ahead of time the company’s policy on reimbursement of expenses, especially if you are the one who has booked the travel and it is on your credit cards. Some companies also have a per diem or some require receipts for everything and then there are those in the middle ground. I’ve worked for all three types. That and no-iron shirts are a wonderful invention.

  5. Alon said,

    Sign up for Netflix or some other on demand streaming service and make sure you have Skype to keep in touch with friends back home

  6. Marilynn said,

    Make some friends at the hotel and have dinner together.

  7. Amy said,

    Take some sort of hobby item so in downtimes you can make or create something.

  8. Katy said,

    For the ladies who carry on their luggage, take your foundation, concealer, eye cream, etc in contact lens cases. You can whittle down A LOT of your carry on liquids & gels that way, and can keep the cases inside your bad. TSA doesnt look twice at the contact lens cases.

  9. Adam B said,

    Make sure to bring your own small bottle of shampoo and soap just in case the brand offered by the hotel is of low quality.

  10. bspn said,

    buy a saline moisture nasal spray.

  11. Joel said,

    Take ear plugs.

  12. Peter Dominowski said,

    Pack something that will make you think of home…a picture, a favorite stuffed animal or mascot, incense or a scented candle, whatever is portable and means home to you!

  13. Brian said,

    I suggest thinking through what types of clothes to pack so you have comfortable clothes for evenings. Even on a short trip I try and take my sneakers.

  14. Terry said,

    Take a good book to read when your not shopping or in a meeting.

  15. Britt C said,

    Unpack all of your luggage and place clothes in your drawers or hung up, shoes in an easy slip on and kick off place and your toiletries on the counter or like you have them at home. I also try to map out the closest restaurants, grocery store and pharmacy before I get to town so I can know the basics of the area I’m staying.

  16. worldtraveller2 said,

    Be sure and bring a pair of tennis shoes, so you can keep your workouts going, whether in the hotel’s gym, a run outside or even in your room.

  17. Troy said,

    Research ahead of your trip. Know where your staying – what restaurants, shops etc are available in the vicinity of your hotel.

    If your in a non english speaking country keep a bit of paper with common addresses (office, hotel, airport) written down in the local dialect to show cab drivers.

  18. Steve C said,

    Roll up your shirts when you puts them in luggage to keep the crease.

  19. Jenny said,

    Bring a bathing suit so you can unwind in the hotel’s hot tub if there is one.

  20. Nadine said,

    Bring clothes that easily mix and match – and preferably ones that don’t need ironing. That way you get multiple outfits out of a set number of items. Definitely bring comfortable shoes as you don’t know what type of walking you may have to do.

  21. Amy C said,

    be sure to get some time outside in natural light. Between conferences/meetings/presentations and dinners you get little natural light. Sunlight can help keep your mood on an even keel.

  22. Fábio Vilela said,

    The best tip is try to get specials from the hotel to get an upgrade so you can feel in your own office.

  23. David said,

    Make sure you call your wife, or you won’t be going on many business trips in the future!

  24. Meghan said,

    Bring workout clothes and go to the grocery store so you can stay on more of a regular schedule.

  25. Christina M said,

    Bring health snacks to avoid overloading on all the junk food that seems to permeate business trips.

  26. Meghan said,

    Bring workout clothes and go to the grocery store so you can stay on more of a regular schedule.

  27. Christina M said,

    Bring a sweater and comfortable shoes.

  28. jcmitchell21 said,

    Spend more time preparing for the business portion of your trip than the points-earning. After getting familiar with the workings of a business trip, begin to make more travel decisions based on earnings.

  29. Khar said,

    Bring snacks like odwalla bars or other bars in case you don’t have time or a place to buy food. I also like to bring something sweet like m&ms.

  30. ed said,

    bring a soft cloth slipper. it’s very common in asian hotels. I never walk in the hotel room with my socks on.

  31. Tina said,

    I agree with many ideas already posted–pack clothes that mix and match (and, bring less the you think you need), bring ear plugs, roll clothes for less wrinkles (place nice dresses or dress shirts rolled and in a Ziploc bag for even less wrinkles and safety from spills).

    My most recent tip, is travel with a webcam! I am glad this is built in my laptop and iPad. Communicating with family in the hotel room at night by webcam, is better than not seeing them at all.

  32. Brad D said,

    Do your best to research ahead of time and make sure you are flying on planes that have fully flat seats. Angled flat will make any extended business travel less comfortable and therefore less productive!

  33. Alexa said,

    Pack your suitcase with packing cubes! You can get more in and have it completely organized. Also always bring food for the plane: bars, cut apples, etc Plane food is usually not good. I also start off the day with a smoothie so I’m full before I get on the flight.

  34. Abhishek Duggal said,

    Find a hotel that’s close to the actual venue(s) that you will be visiting.

  35. Jason said,

    When packing, have a good idea of what sort of dress code you’ll need to follow and remember it is usually better to be over dressed than under dressed. Try to bring clothing that can be dressed up or dressed down as needed.

  36. Lakshmi said,

    Visit a local ethnic grocery store and grab some portable meals to take with you. During the times you don’t want to head out and still want a meal other than the same 10 items you can get at your hotel, presto! you have choices.

  37. R Gage said,

    Bring an iPad with a few movies and books on it

  38. Jeff said,

    Go buy some paper plates and plastic silverware. Eating out for every meal gets old and you can save some money to either eat better or do other more interesting things than spend $10 on a plate of pancakes. Get some muffins at the store or some oatmeal for cheap and make it in the hotel.

  39. Ryan said,

    Be consistent with daily exercise.

  40. Karen said,

    Great question! For me, the hardest part of an extended business trip is eating out for every meal. My recommendation is to find a hotel with a kitchenette. Find time to stock it for breakfast at the very least, and preferably with some easy make dinners.

  41. HR said,

    Research a good restaurant to eat and reserve a spot using Open Table.

  42. Xavier said,

    Pack light and find a good place to eat!

  43. Gina said,

    Booking a room with a kitchen will allow you to save money on meals.

  44. Steve Markowski said,

    Be sure to bring all your meds.

  45. Tiffany said,

    Plan over the course of a week and make a list of all of the different things you use, activities you do – electronics, clothes, toiletries, etc. Once you have your full list, start thinking about how you can multitask i.e. use a solid BB cream instead of brining foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer.

  46. Tiffany said,

    By the way – some of these tips are AMAZING!!!

  47. George said,

    Bring some of the comforts of home, and stay in a place where you can cook, since restaurants everyday will get old fast.

  48. Darren Perks said,

    Never try and travel with everything – there is always a laundry and always somewhere to purchase stuff you forget or don’t want to carry through an airport!

  49. said,

    Well, we don’t normally do “business” trips, but on any trip we research the area we are visiting ahead of time. Odds are good you’ll get at least a couple of hours of free time so know in advance what you want to do with it!

  50. Naif said,

    Find some good restaurants and try to workout regularly

  51. Scott said,

    On your first extended business trip, take the opportunity to buy duplicates of the basic personal items you use on the road and at hope. That way you have one less thing to worry about when you travel next.

  52. Jimgotkp said,

    Don’t buy a lot of stuff in advanced because you might never use them which means you just wasted money. Always a good advice in general.

  53. dubaych said,

    Chowhound is your best friend when you are trying to make the most of — or just find some comfort in — a new, unfamiliar place.

  54. DL said,

    Make a packing list of essentials only and try to stick to it.

  55. Pointasaurus said,

    Take extra underwear!!!!!!!

  56. Heraldo said,

    Sneak in a nap or two when you can. You’ll be sharper than if you spend that time cramming/getting nervous for your meetings/plans.

  57. laurent said,

    Make sure someone is taking good care of your pets at home while you are away, and research what’s ard your hotel with online travel guides, and even Google Street View.

  58. Lizzie said,

    Be warm and friendly with the staff – you never know when the wifi might go out and you need to borrow the extra router from the office and it’s always nice when they are running low on one of your favorite breakfast items and they set some aside especially for you.

  59. yasmara said,

    So many good ideas already!

    Mine are: roll your clothes, take essential toiletries in your carry-on (unlike some, I don’t hesitate to check a bag on an extended business trip – I always fly in the day before & it’s worth it not to worry about stuffing a carry-on full…plus, my laptop is super heavy, so that’s enough of a carry-on for me), and understand your company’s travel policies FULLY before your trip. My company will pay for up to 2 checked bags on an extended business trip and will pay for a GPS on the car rental, but they do not want me to take the pre-paid gas option.

    I made the mistake of charging meals to my company credit card on a trip just after my company changed to a per-diem system. It was much more complicated to reimburse the corporate card than it would have been to reimburse myself (2 steps instead of 1).

  60. Don G said,

    Keep large bottles of soap and shampoo in a bag at the hotel or office so that you don’t have to carry liquids with you every time you fly.

  61. Ron said,

    Find a place that is comfortable for you and don’t worry about everyone else’s opinions of standards of comfort and luxury.

  62. dwh said,

    When you get to wherever you’re going, unpack and make yourself at home. Find a food (and booze if you’re so inclined) and try to get into a routine.

  63. Kris said,

    Yoga pants and flip flops.

    They take up next to no space, and let you change into something immediately upon getting back to your room that signifies to your brain “I am done for work and can chill out” while still being appropriate for walking around the hotel.

  64. viguera said,

    It’s incredibly easy to miss something and screw up your entire trip when you’re not used to it. After a while we all become “experts” to an extent, but for a first extended trip (business or pleasure) having some sort of tracking / planning app is a must.

    Using tripit or something similar to keep track of reservations, hotel contact info, maps/directions, flight status, etc. is a must.

  65. Amber C said,

    Memorize your room number! There’s nothing more embarrassing than not remembering, plus it just makes you feel off.

    Also, wear comfortable shoes. Always.

  66. jalluisi said,

    Plan ahead. Plan your day clothes and night clothes for each day (if you have to or want to change for the evening). Plan for clothes you can wear more than once and can mix up with other pieces for a different look. Make a packing list that you can use every time of things you don’t want to forget, and then add your clothes in a 2nd list that are particular for that trip. Plan plan plan. Plan.

  67. VM said,

    Get to know the hotel staff! You’ll have a better stay and they are locals who will have good tips for things to do during down time.

  68. Mariana said,

    Make sure you tell your significant other or family members where you are going and what flights you are taking. This can be handy in case of emergencies.

  69. riverchica said,

    Take one hand-washable outfit and a drain plug so that you can have backup meeting outfit in case extra meetings pop up.

  70. Nathan said,

    If you are used to winding down with your favorites shows/sports or local TV I say invest in a Slingbox at home so you can maintain your wind-down routine.

  71. Jerry said,

    One thing to consider , be sure to ask for what you`d like them to do for you, you maybe very surprised when you talk to the right person , the right way. For example after making your reservation at the hotel of your choice, ask to speak to the reservation manager, some hotels , call them the revenue manager, tell them you are on an extended stay for , business, a convention , or whatever reason you are staying, ask them politely if they can do anyhing to make your extended stay better.

    I have gotten upgrades , free breakfast, concierge passes, and other things by doing this. Do not tell them what you want them to do for you , let them make that decision and you may be very pleaantly surprised

    Remember to ask for the right person, not just a desk clerk. And a final word always be especially gracious and thankful, whatever the outcome

  72. Alison said,

    Great giveaway! I find that when I remember to pack one set of lounge clothes (for me, it’s my softest pj pants) and a good book, it helps me to unwind and unplug – definitely a necessity on a long trip.

  73. Lina said,

    Take the time and talk to the staff at the hotel. They can give you great insight on local shops and make all the difference for your extended stay.

  74. BV said,

    Squeeze in exercise. You need some downtime/alone time when you’re spending a large percentage of your day working and networking.

  75. Patrick said,

    Never forget to go out and explore, took too long for me to realize that and missed many great opportunities!

  76. sundinkc said,

    Get a room with a kitchenette so you are not reliant on restaurants for the entire trip.

  77. Adrian said,

    Make a packing list and review it a few times to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything or over packing, bring comfortable clothes and shoes to relax when “off the clock”, and explore the area so you are not confined to the hotel.

  78. oneeyejack said,

    bring non-iron dress shirts so you don’t have to worry about them if you wash them.

  79. CrashDavis said,

    Get a room away from the elevators and ice machines

  80. Vinay said,

    I would ensure a skype connection, some family photos so you can stay in touch with near and dear ones while you are away for an extended period.

  81. MikelinTN said,

    Pack light! Don’t weigh yourself down with a ton of stuff you have to lug through airports and hotels. You can always buy what you need if you forget anything important.

  82. Logan stark said,

    I always try to make sure I Plan ahead of time so that I can see local sights. So bring a camera and schedule some time to take in the local scenery. If the business destination is not much too look at, then I would make sure to ask where the locals hang out and grab a local meal and make some
    New friends. Have fun and don’t work too much!

  83. Ruth said,

    Bring plenty of healthy snacks and emergen-C

  84. sloan1109 said,

    Pack light but throw in one outfit you don’t think you need. You will end up wanting to use it to get out whether it is boots and sleeves for a hike or jacket and tie for the restaurant the folks passing through for 1 or 2 nights keep mentioning.

  85. charles said,

    you get to cook your own meals!!!

  86. goheerow said,

    Make sure you don’t come home to spoiled milk and moldy bread!

  87. BIlly said,

    Great Promotion! Always unpack and not live out of your suitcase!

  88. kimmy said,

    To relax, have something local/site seeing to learn about the area you are visiting. Bring more home with you than business as usual! ( no….don’t bring anything home that requires antibiotics lol )

  89. Mike said,

    Make sure you maintain a normal rhythm. It’s easy to get into a pattern of eating too much, sleeping too little, not getting any exercise.

    Exercise, eat right. Also check out some of the sights. Even if it’s only a 1-2 hour vacation from business.

  90. DCA Rob said,

    Find a place to stay that has lots of walkable amenities nearby.

  91. Sue said,

    Bring a small travel candle that reminds you of home that way you’re never far from home.

  92. scooter said,

    Cease & desist all eating at least two hours before lights out, and don’t leave home without white noise to dissolve all audible distractions.

  93. fearless leader said,

    At around the 3 week point, things will feel like you’re at home… your new home, that is.

  94. Tbemille3 said,

    For your first extended business trip, don’t go to Vegas! Vegas is great, and I am always looking forward to going, but I find that after about 3 days, I can’t wait to get out of there!

  95. Hack My Trip - Rewarding Recap: Bonus AA and Southwest Points and US Airways Miles on Sale - Hack My Trip said,

    […] Warriorette is hosting a contest to win a three-night stay from from Home2 Suites by Hilton. Apparently this is to celebrate their one-year anniversary, though it’s the first I’ve […]

  96. Tracy said,

    Always pack your swimsuit. You never know if you get out of a meeting early in time for a swim.

  97. brian said,

    Pack light and enjoy the local culture.

  98. nicehands said,

    Pack earplugs, a power outlet multiplier, and wrinkle remover spray. Thanks for the contest!

  99. mckristie said,

    Bring your camera (or use your smart phone if you don’t) to take pictures of the places you visit – always make an effort to do more then just work.

    White noise app is probably saved me more nights of bad sleep then I can count –

    Make sure to pay attention to your hydration levels – flying, and conference centers and hotels are always really dry and it suprises me how fast it can sneak up –

  100. Ricky said,

    If your company allows you to pay with your own credit card, make sure to bring all your various cards with specific spending categories to make use them!

  101. Barbara said,

    Always ask at the front desk for their personal favorite restaurant recommendations (preferably locally owned). Having an extended stay gives you the opportunity to really get to know a new area – you should embrace it!

    Even though you are there for “work” reasons, give yourself a chance to take a break and hang out with the locals!

    (It’s a bonus too because then you have more interesting advice or adventures to offer coworkers or others you meet while traveling than the standard “stayed in X hotel, ordered in from X chain restaurant, was bored out of my mind for X weeks in X city.”)

  102. Lauren said,

    I’ve never had a trip longer than a week but I think that my biggest challenge is always packing efficiently. So my tip would be to find the most versatile clothing to make the most of all the different situations you will be in while your gone.

  103. Biggles209 said,

    Buy some nice wine, and relax and enjoy a glass or two in the evening

  104. Jeromie said,

    If you have a spouse/significant other back home, connect via Google Video Chat in one window and simultaneously start a Netflix movie in another. No long-distance date is ideal, but it can be a nice change from the typical evening phone call!

  105. Pulvdiggity said,

    Yelp is your friend. Don’t rely on the hotel restaurants, get out and explore your temporary home!

  106. Waggera said,

    Have a plan on what to do and where to eat in your free time from work.

  107. Ari said,

    3-in-1 laundry sheets and a travel power adapter. Everything else is gravy :)

  108. Grapes said,

    Always bring one pair of comfortable shoes that transition easily from casual to formal situations. You will end up doing more walking than you think!

  109. ORD-TGU said,

    Sign up for groupon in the city you are on your extended stay, who knows, somthing exciting and different may come up.

  110. Snaphappy said,

    Here is my tip – do some research before you go and find out what the fun or interesting places to dine are. Some nights you may just want to grab something quick and eat in your room, but you should also try to get out and explore what the city has to offer in terms of restaurants. (hopefully the extended trip is in a place that offers more than just chain restaurants!!)

  111. Ralph said,

    Scroll through the Trip Advisor Forum for the city you will be in. Learn about some restaurants and anything thing you should see/visit/do at night (if you have the time).

  112. kodoma said,

    If you wear glasses- pack a second pair! I always look for restaurants that I can earn my dining points on as well. Might as well make the most of it!

  113. Vinayak said,

    Pack some of your favorite snacks to take with you, they come in handy on those longs trips. Some comfort good makes life easier.

  114. LZ said,

    Save all your meeting/corporate information, IDs, etc on dropbox or google docs with an offline option.

  115. Chris said,

    Pack light, as many people above have said. Mix-and-match clothes, no-iron shirts and slacks. Don’t worry about bringing many things; generally, anything you’ll really need will be within half an hour of your location.

  116. Katherine said,

    Start making a list of things you need several weeks ahead of time. There are so many things to remember that you can’t pack until the last minute.

  117. RedHat said,

    Pack light and eat healthy. Don’t forget to try and enjoy local food.

  118. Coach Laura said,

    A priority for me is comfy clothes that do double duty. For example, yoga pants work for workouts, lounging in the hotel room, walks for exercise and wearing as a cover-up on the way to the pool/whirlpool. Casual thong sandals are lightweight and work to and from the pool and around the hotel room instead of slippers. A hooded polartec sweatshirt is cozy for lounging and works as an outside exercise outfit for cooler weather.

  119. Lee said,

    Don’t forget your toothbrush and deodorant. Nothing makes a good first impression like the absence of stink!

  120. Andrei said,

    From my side: travel light, swimsuit, meds, map (hard-copy or on a mobile device), make sure you know where around the hotel you could find a good place to eat, a shopping place and in case of emergency a pharmacy or a hospital. Happy traveling !

  121. Clare said,

    Those little hotel bottles of shampoo and conditioner are great for washing underwear and socks. Add a drop of the conditioner to the rinse water to make the clothes sweet smelling and soft.

  122. Daniel said,

    You don’t forget an adapter for your laptop, because it’s really hard to working without it in few days :))

  123. Eric said,

    Doing a little research in advance of arriving at your location can be a huge lifesaver. Knowing of a couple good restaurants or neighborhoods to walk around can be very helpful when looking for a quick escape from a long day.

  124. Conway said,

    make plans to fly your family over and share in what your temporary home has to offer!

  125. Poe said,

    Take a photo of your spouse & put it by the bed. Take a photo of the room including the photo of your spouse & email it home or post it on facebook.

    It’s bloody horrid being the spouse left at home alone & this would be like a long distance hug.

  126. Julie said,

    1. Organize your travel details – I use Tripit on the web & my phone, and also print out a copy of the trip details (via Tripit). This also allows me to share details with my family easily.

    2. Pack light. Bring your own healthy snacks for travel days (apples, granola bars, cheese sticks, nuts, etc). The food choices on planes and in certain airport terminals can be sparse; sometimes the line is too long for you to buy something in between flights. Always buy a bottle of water (or fill your empty reusable bottle) as soon as you get through security and when you get off your flight. Wear comfortable, broken-in shoes for travel days.

    3. Using your phone, take a picture of where you parked your car in the airport parking garage/lot if you drive to the airport. It’s amazing how a week or so of travel can wipe those details from your mind.

  127. DeeDee V. said,

    There are so many great tips already! Mine:
    Be sure to schedule down time. It is so easy to get into a work all the time mindset when you are at a conference…checking up and working in the evening on what you missed out while in sessions during the day. It’s important that you make yourself take a break.

  128. Jason said,

    Unpack your suitcase once you arrive. Less stress.

  129. Ash said,

    I recommend packing several workout outfits and your sneakers. Even if you aren’t a fitness type, just having that with you for an evening or morning walk around the hotel or downtown area close by will work wonders for your psyche and your health!

  130. Robert King said,

    Packs with your daily usable materials like towel, facewash, some foods etc. And dont forgot to packs medicines, because the medicines are very useful while travelling.

  131. Charlotte said,

    Pack quick-drying clothing. You won’t always be staying at a place with laundry facilities, and if you can wash items in the sink, they will be dry in less than 12 hours.

  132. Jeanne said,

    Bring healthy snacks and pick up some regular food if you have a fridge. It is fun eating out for a little while, but then it can really drain on you!

  133. Rachel said,

    For an extended business trip, make sure that if you are checking your primary suitcase, you carry on at least one complete professional outfit and your essential toiletries. If your bag gets lost (heaven forbid) at least you will have something as a backup.

  134. Becca said,

    Never forget a kindle, Ipad or other electronic reader for when you ened those breaks from reviewing work. Or you can’t sleep late at night in that uncomfortable hotel bed.

  135. gpapadop said,

    Make sure the passports are valid!

  136. Chris A said,

    Planning is key, but remember that things don’t always go completely as planned. When the spit hits the fan, try to breathe your way through it and don’t stress. Try to always have a Plan B and maybe even a Plan C.

    Also, scan your key docs like passport, and front/back of the credit cards that you’re taking with you and email them to your self (even better when you have internet access to your email account), using an innocuous subject line. If they are lost or stolen, getting replacements will be much easier.

    Lastly, when I’m in a new city I like to take one of those 2-3 hour ‘overview’ bus tours if I can. It helps get acclimated and that way I can figure out how I want to spend the rest of my free time.

  137. Dave M said,

    A lot of folks use some of the restaurant sites to get discounts on restaurants where they live, but don’t think to when they travel. When traveling (especially for extended stays), research the city you’ll be in and you can utilize those same resources to try new places at a discount.

  138. Michael Directo said,

    One item makes all the difference – Bose Noise Cancelling headphones!

  139. Amber said,

    If you’re visiting a new city, be sure to take time to explore the area a bit. You never know what surprises you’ll find!

  140. Julie said,

    I would recommend consolidating or downsizing as much as possible. My first trip I packed WAY too much stuff and ended up fighting with my bag to maneuver it and felt self conscious around my seasoned coworkers. It’s worthwhile to bring clothing that can be used in multiple outfits (layer, layer, layer), use those samples and smaller packages for hygiene products and makeup and downsize wherever possible!

  141. Lucie Zeman said,

    Find a good bookstore (new or second hand). I usually end up with more time to read when I’m gone for extended periods, and bookstores are always great for an outing.

  142. Sasha said,

    Make sure you check weather and pack easy outfits accordingly, colors that can easily be matched, reworn, like neutrals or dark colors or bright colors. Stick to a theme to avoid overpacking! :)

  143. Sandeep said,

    Check out groupon for your city. It helps keep costs down and you can wind up finding some cool local places that you normally might not have visited.

  144. Ben said,

    Make sure you have a Smartphone and Ipad with lots of movies and music.

  145. RAP said,

    Get out of the hotel as much as possible; hotels are launchpads and not destinations

  146. jo said,

    Sign up for Groupon or Living Social local deals in the town where you’ll be staying. You might find good bargains on off-time activities, like mani/pedi’s, movies, or a good restaurant deal might make your meal allowance worth more!

  147. Henrik said,

    Take the time to get outside the hotel/conference/office. Go for a walk in the area, choose a hotel in a area where there is something to see in stead of close to the business place. Eat away from the hotel to see something.

    This have given me a lot of free experiences and some exercising in walking around in city areas after a long working day.

  148. Wes said,

    Don’t forget to bring the family gifts home; let’s them know you were thinking about them!

  149. Lindsay said,

    Check out the local restaurants – it’s a great way to get to know the area!

  150. gbtrotter said,

    Pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on and fill it after security.

  151. Toni said,

    Make sure you have all you charging cord needs packed and have your own adapter if going overseas. Pre-plan a short small group guided tour of the area toward the beginning of the trip – it will give you a good overview of what is available in the area without having to do much research. Use a travel agent!

  152. hilary said,

    Pack healthy snacks and a collapsible water bottle to fill after security and pictures of loved ones.

  153. Gary S said,

    Make extra copies of all your travel documents, so the lost of one set doesn’t delay the trip. And in foreign countries, even friendly ones, hand over copies when requested for documents including passport and IDs instead of handing over the real thing. Unless they stay in the same room with you, I would not let personal ID out of my sight.

  154. Karlyn said,

    Make use of the free Regus Businessworld status likely offered by your frequent flyer programs. You get unlimited access to business lounges/centers pretty much everywhere in the world.

  155. Jordan said,

    A portable wireless router is a must pack so you can stay in touch without being tethered to a wire.

  156. Karen Thuente said,

    My tip: Remember the three Rs. Something to read, things to help you record stuff, and something to help you rest. I have been a low tech person. So, these have meant a paperback that I can finish and leave; a camera, journal, and even a mini-tape recorder; and a machine that makes white noise. Now, it appears my new iPad will be all I need.

  157. Silvia said,

    Sleeping well is important. Take eye shades, ear plugs and Benadryl. You should sleep better than a baby.

  158. MJM said,

    Take the time to go to a museum or historical site or see something unique and interesting in each place. You might not be back and there is something everywhere if you only remember to look. Enriching experiences last.

  159. Leslie said,

    Bring something that reminds of home and makes you feel relaxed and happy. Your own pillow, or a favorite afghan/blanket, a certain scent or a photo are ones that I know of….

  160. Optimista said,

    What an amazing contest! My tip is: If at all possible, stay somewhere with a kitchen. Something about being able to go to the grocery store and pick up comfort foods that I’d eat at home makes me feel more relaxed.

  161. Adrian said,

    Own pillows and blankets are a must! And bring some items that remind you of home, so that you are home away from home!

  162. Eddie said,

    Use a discount site like Yipit or Groupon to find restaurants, events and activities you can take part in while away. Offers from these sites are a great way to get to know a new place and have some fun while keeping to a budget!

  163. Donna C said,

    A hanging shoe organizer that will velcro over the bar in the closet is an invaluable tool for me. Everything that needs a place can slide in here, helps keep everything organized and accessible.

  164. Mandy S said,

    Always print your flight, hotel reservations etc. and file them together in a clear envelope. You never know when your Smartphone / laptop will stop working and you need to check your details quickly.

  165. Stephen Jones said,

    Always pack tea tree oil. Great to put under your noise to keep germs at bay, but diluted it can be used to gargle and it works for minor cuts and scrapes.

  166. Olivia said,

    Before you go, designate a spot where you can put all the receipts and boarding passes you’ll need for your expense report. I always seem to come up one boarding pass short if I don’t do this! Also, be sure to have cabbies fill out the receipts for you (or do it yourself as soon as you can, to avoid forgetting the total). If I don’t do this, I find myself low-balling because I don’t want to overestimate either.

  167. Stef said,

    Save time and effort by buying no-iron shirts. ‘Steam’ your shirts as soon as you check into the hotel or before you go to bed by hanging them in the bathroom while running a hot shower for 10 minutes.

  168. ASuburbanLife said,

    1. If there’s a grocery nearby buy some fresh fruit, even if only apples, and yogurt. If you don’t have a mini fridge you can keep a day’s supply in your ice bucket. At least you can start the day with a light, healthy meal even if you have to eat out a lot.

    2. Try to put yourself on your new timezone immediately. Get a regular night’s sleep.

    3. Bring your own good quality bath soap from home.

  169. bo said,

    Bring some personal stuff to remind of you home and the people you are working hard to provide for. It will motivate you beyond belief:)!

  170. karen said,

    Tuck a baggie containing wet wipes into your purse. Often times a lifesaver.

  171. Jen said,

    Comfy socks, granola bars, and a good pillow.

  172. Jon said,

    Get into a workout routine at the hotel gym. You get stir crazy in those rooms for long periods of time.

  173. Katie said,

    Take a set of workout clothes and sneakers. You’ll have them if you decide to exercise, but they can also double as lounge clothes if you’re not feeling as active.

  174. VictorL said,

    own pillow is important! you want the hotels to feel like home

  175. b said,

    Find a fun part of town away from work/hotel. Being out and about for just a bit can make your extended stay feel more like normal life.

  176. Ted said,

    Find out if there is a nearby farmer’s market. You can often grab some great items there – fruits and veggies, of course, but also homemade preserves, desserts, meats, cheeses, etc – that can be a pleasant change from the chain restaurants that often seem like the easiest alternative or a great way to add some variety to the free hotel breakfast.

  177. Melvenia said,

    Make sure you are staying somewhere centrally located near entertainment and has all the comforts of home. Since most people love traveling but nearing the end of the trip, they say: “I can’t wait to go home”. Research the hotel and find one that makes your home jealous, like Home 2.

  178. Joe said,

    Bring framed pictures of your loved ones and put them out in the hotel room once you arrive.

  179. Bill Reifel said,

    For long-term trips, bring a water bottle with a built-in filter. Hotel room water is poor quality and buying water bottles is expensive and wasteful.

  180. Stacie said,

    Bring “home” with you – a pillow that you find most comfortable, some sort of reading material, a Netflix membership or local guide to your favorite channels, a soft blanket or squishy socks that make you feel homey. Check out local restaurants in advance and plan your meals so that you have something to look forward to. Most importantly, make time to communicate with those you love as you would at home! Make use of Skype, Facebook, texting, and unlimited nationwide calling plans. :)

  181. Meghan said,

    Stick to a routine! If you work out at home, work out on the road. And: find a grocery store, or at least a drug store – too many restaurant meals is no fun.

  182. Mary said,

    I always pack a refillable water bottle on all trips short or long & fill up at airport water fountains &/or at the hotel. I also bring my own tea bags & light snacks!

  183. Trevor said,

    Pack light and do little things for yourself like run! Best way to stay in shape while eating out every night.

  184. Josh said,

    Do not try to bring everything, keep to the essentials and pick up the rest when you are there.

  185. Sofia said,

    As soon as you know you’re going to be going on a trip, start to make a list of the things you’ll want/need to have with you. If you make the list ahead of time, you won’t be scrambling to try to remember things at the last minute (which, if you’re like me, leads to forgetting things).

    If you’ll be traveling on more extended trips in the future, you can adjust the list afterward (Did you really need that many pairs of socks? Would it be nice to have your kindle with you next time?) and save it for the next trip.

  186. Nachama S said,

    Make sure your electronics (ipad, ipod, etc.) are fully charged before you leave.

  187. paul v said,

    Don’t overpack! better to do (albeit overpriced) laundry than to haul too much stuff!

  188. Jan said,

    Always make sure you take something super comfy to change into “after hours”. And I take all my magazines that I’ve let pile up for such an occasion.

  189. Debbie said,

    Check your list after you pack and make sure your list includes your computer and phone charger!

  190. ML said,

    a lot of great tips.

    I’m not sure if anyone mention it, I always take along on trips business or pleasure a power bar.

    most of the the time in busy airports all available power outlets are taken, I would offer my bar and 5-6 more people have a power outlet including my self.

    its also useful in hotels when you want to plug in several items instead having it spread out trough the room I use my power bar and plug in everything neatly in one place.

  191. HW said,

    1. (Women only:) Don’t travel abroad while pregnant, or you could find yourself stuck on bed rest in a hotel where you know absolutely no one and have no idea when you’ll be cleared to go back home. *ahem* (Seriously. NOT WORTH IT.)

    2. (Anyone:) If you’re in an interesting locale, pack an empty duffel bag in your suitcase. Then you have plenty of room for souvenirs and/or gifts.

  192. Shelley said,

    For long trips – being able to wash your clothes is key. Make sure you have access to reliable laundry services (some places have several machines you can use). Also, make sure your room has an iron and ironing board (for guys especially).

  193. Elizabeth said,

    I find no matter the destination, it’s always a good idea to dress in layers, especially with business. Inevitably your meetings are either overheated conference rooms because of cold weather outside or freezing conference rooms next to the balmy beach. Or your someone who likes to get a little activity in between all the meetings so you go for walks during the breaks which heat you up. So, layers!

  194. Wanderluster said,

    Be organized about packing. Make a list of what you ABSOLUTELY need and stick to it. Remember that you can always acquire things at your destination if needed. No need to drag along more luggage than necessary!

  195. Bradley B. said,

    Don’t worry about the small stuff. Things go wrong in travel. Roll with it. There’s a solution that’s probably nearly as good. And now you have a story and perhaps an adventure.

  196. Charles Packard said,

    Go with the flow!

  197. Scott M. said,

    Your cell phone can be used for a lot more than just making calls and surfing the internet-I can’t tell you how many times taking a quick photo of something has made it easy to quickly find something later. Your boarding passes, your hotel room number, even which section of the parking lot at the airport or mall. And when the trip is over, you can easily delete any photos you don’t want to save.

  198. Citygal said,

    Carry an empty nagelene water holder to always fill up and stay hydrated and if you can’t fit pair of sneakers into your luggage – bring a swimsuit for a great aerobic workout.

  199. Nick said,

    Don’t lose site of the comforts you;re used to at home; set up skype time with family, continue to work out, bring a book/ipad to solo meals, etc. also bring clothing that can be worn in multiple outfits, your employer will typically expense you for drycleaning as well.

  200. Rachel M. said,

    Ask if the hotel has hypoallergenic rooms available. If you are prone to allergies and colds when travelling these can help cut down on issues. Hyatt and Marriott offer these types of rooms at no additional charge at many of their properties.

  201. Drew said,

    Think about how different items can be used for different things. A smartphone can be a phone, skype device, camera, media player, note taker and more. This cuts down on other electronic equipment and related chargers. A business shirt with the right cut, style and colour can double as smart casual for informal after-work functions with clients.

  202. Magres said,

    Keep charging cables separately in plastic bags so that they are both easy to find and not tangled with each other. Noise cancelling headphones are a godsend on airplanes, buses and in hotel rooms with thin walls.

  203. Tracie said,

    Pack the night before so that you can do a last minute check the day/morning of your flight. If this is your first trip, don’t wait until the last minute to pack as it will be much more likely you may end up rushed and then have to spend more on the trip replacing basics. This isn’t to say you should overpack and bring the kistchen sink, but instead to give yourself time to think your packing through.

    Best wishes!

  204. David said,

    Get out of the hotel and explore the area.

  205. rebecca in mo said,

    I bring a small container of essential oil – lavender. Freshens up a smelly rental car and stale hotel room. I put a drop on my pillow and feel right at home.

  206. Amy H. said,

    If you’re not already staying in a suite or hotel room with a kitchenette, ask your hotel to put an empty mini-fridge in your room. (There may be a small per-day extra charge, but IMHO, it’s completely worth it.) That way, you can keep fizzy water, fresh juice, milk, string cheese, yogurt, fruit and other snacks in your room. Bring along a bowl and utensils (or ask to keep a set from room service) and you’ll then also be able to have cereal/granola as a healthy substitute meal or pick-me-up.

  207. Molly said,


  208. Aaron H said,

    Bring an extra pair of sunglasses. You are bound to break or loose the first pair over a long trip and even if you are in a cloudy area like Seattle, the sun is bound to appear when you are without them.

  209. Stephanie Stafford said,

    My tip would be watch what you eat, on a business trip It’s easy to eat junk because it’s quick and convinient. Try and get some exercise in the hotel gym if they offer it and take advantage of any free breakfast if offered.

  210. Caitlin said,

    Make sure to have decent luggage! Nothing worse than broken wheels/handles/etc while running around at the airport!

  211. Megan G said,

    Use Skype video calls to connect with family and friends while you’re away.

  212. robert salone said,

    bring your swim suit, a hungery stomch, workout clothes, and be ready to be treated, like a king or queen

  213. Marc L said,

    Join HHonors (earn the points to stay again) and stay in a Home2 Suites by Hilton or a Homewood .. having a seperate place to relax out of the bedroom and a kitchen to make some of your own meals helps keep the pounds and the stress of being away from home away. Free wifi & having a cooked breakfast is a must and I bring a picture of the family that is attached to my alarm clock. It has a voice recording of the kids saying they love me.

  214. Stephen R said,

    Hydration is KEY!!! When you’re on multiple plane rides, you lose lots of whatever without realizing it, and if you “hit the ground running,” then it’s very easy to get dehydrated. You’ll end up tired, cranky, and looking like death.

  215. ct said,

    Don’t forget your electronics chargers.

  216. Robert said,

    Make sure you book a hotel (like Home2 Suites) that has laundry facilities. Alternatively, it’s nice to book a hotel that will press your clothes when you arrive and has reasonable (it’s all relative) prices for laundry/dry cleaning. That way, you can travel light with carry-on baggage which is essential if you’re making multiple stops rather than plopping down somewhere for a long time. Also, many hotels (particularly ex-US) won’t have irons and ironing boards in the rooms but if you call the front desk, they’ll happily bring one to your room to use.

  217. Ruy said,

    a framed photograph of your family

  218. Kevin said,

    Find a local carry-out or grocery store and buy some ready/healthy food for snacks and meals so you can cut the costs and the calories which inevitably come with business dinners.

  219. Jonathan said,

    Pack light. After packing my bags, and right before leaving home, I open them again and take out one or two extra items of clothing and leave them home. It makes traveling a lot more comfortable, and so far I haven’t needed the clothes that I left behind!

  220. reb said,

    Just relax and take care of yourself for awhile so you can take better care of your family later.

  221. Brendan said,

    Bring clothes that all can match one (or two) set of shoes. It’s easier with men’s suits, but the concept is still the same. I was able to pack just a carry-on for 2 weeks in London bringing two pairs of shoes (black and brown)…and if possible, find the nearest dry-cleaner to get clothes washed cheaply or, if you can expense it, have the hotel wash your clothes. Doesn’t take up much time and allows you to bring less (I guess that is 2 tips).

  222. Anthony said,

    Check out the sales tax where you are going. In my case, it was Alaska & there was ZERO, yes, ZERO sales tax there & I was able to buy a new iPad for about $100 cheaper than my home state! So any big purchases or even smaller items you might have wanted to buy, you can save a lot of money by bringing your credit cards with you & purchasing the items at the “work” location…..

  223. Curtis Tomlin said,

    Pack light! Carry-on only.

  224. VictorL said,

    Make some friends at the hotel and have drinks!

  225. Joseph said,

    Pack moist / flushable baby wipes. Life saver!

  226. nicehands said,

    Pack a real bar of soap, and a fork, knife and spoon. Some extended stay chains are now going with cheesy plastic utensils.

  227. SI said,

    instant noodle between restaurant meals

  228. Mike C said,

    Remember to allow yourself time to enjoy the many amenities that your hotel may offer!

  229. Ben said,

    awesome contest! Keep luggage to a carry on by stuffing your workout shoes with socks. Don’t pack any toiletries including toothbrush as hotels usually have them for you. Get the amex platinum credit card! their concierge is great!

  230. Danielle said,

    Don’t forget to bring your chargers!! If you do, ask the front desk if they have any extras!

  231. Leonard said,

    Pack plenty of Underwear and socks

  232. washingtonydc said,

    Before I go, I try to find out what’s the best local beer that I can’t find at home. Then when I’m there I can ask people where’s the best place to grab a pint of that beer. Not only am I guaranteed a great beer but it’s a good way to find cool bars and restaurants.

  233. John in DC said,

    Take a small pack of baby wipes. Keep clean!

  234. Susan said,

    Pack an extra pair of shoes and check and recheck that you have all of your essential documents and paperwork, in duplicate.

  235. Chris said,

    Find a local dry cleaners that will deliver to the hotel.

  236. Gabor said,

    Make sure you look up things to do on the weekends and check the internet for suggestions!

  237. Akhil said,

    Bring clothes that all can match one (or two) set of shoes. It’s easier with men’s suits, but the concept is still the same. Pack something that will make you think of home…a picture, a favorite stuffed animal or mascot, incense or a scented candle, whatever is portable and means home to you!

  238. Antonio said,

    If the lobby desk has a fruit basket, take advantage of it! An apple snack will always leave you feeling better than getting something from the mini gift shop or nearby convenience store. And they’re free!

  239. Latty said,

    Take Lysol wipes to keep your hotel room clean so you aren’t sick

  240. E T said,

    bring along a mini-medicine kit

  241. Scott said,

    bring less clothes than you think you need.

  242. Melie said,

    bring aquaphor for your nose and face. it prevents the drying out from the very dry air on the plane.

  243. Patrick said,

    Pack light, carry on only. Don’t forget your earplugs, electronic plugs and make copies of all passports/i.d.’s just in case.

  244. Max M said,

    Pack a magicjack and cheap corded phone if you’re traveling internationally and call home for free.

  245. Cher said,

    Have an extra set of mini bottles of your toiletries in a permanent “travel bag” so you never have to remember to pack them! also if possible, have an extra set of all your chargers so you’re never left with just your laptop and 30 min of battery life

  246. BothofUs2 said,

    Check out Diners Drive-In’s and Dives website to see if one of their featured places is near where you’re staying and have a meal there. You should also bring your GPS from home and explore the area!

  247. RS said,

    pack the same color shoes & belt

  248. Daniel said,

    Get to know the staff at the property…they are the greatest ambassadors for a city you might not know well, and can tell you the best local places for cuisine…like BBQ!

  249. Victor B said,

    Make sure you have your charges for all your devices and maybe bring and extra travel surge block for additional outlets.

  250. charles said,

    get a kindle!!

  251. Paul said,

    Be sure to mix a little pleasure with your business.

  252. kristen said,

    Carry on only. I’ve had too many bad experiences with checked luggage.

  253. Matthew Justice said,

    Pack clothes that can be interchanged and layered. I always like to have the ability to wear layers. I also like iron-free clothes such as pants and blazers that don’t wrinkle.

  254. R Gage said,

    Bring something (ie iPad) to do during any down time

  255. Ken said,

    Just make sure you have your wallet and ID. You can buy anything else.

  256. Terry said,

    Be sure to take an e-reader/iPad/tablet to stay connected with loved ones back home.

  257. cowsrus said,

    Pack plenty of clean underwear

  258. helen mcewen said,

    Bring lots of pictures of your kiddos cause you are going to miss them! Or arrange for your fam to fly and spend a week-end with you. That way the trip won’t seem as long.

  259. Pat Brockett said,

    My advice is to bring clothing that can be washed and worn without wrinkles showing. Chicos has Travelers clothes for women that are great in this regard-professional looking but easily packable without wrinkles, and some hiking type stores (whole earth, REI) have some for men. I also go to these “camping & hiking” type stores for underwear and t-shirts (often silk or something similar) that can be washed and hung out in the shower each night and are dry enough to wear the next day.

  260. HockeyCoachBen said,

    Don’t forget electronics chargers…there’s nothing more frustrating!

  261. JayhawkNation said,

    schedule down time.

  262. Joseph said,

    Bring some food. I know you think you’ll just buy food to use in the extended stay hotel room, but trust me, what you do not want is to check in, carry your luggage to the room, and then realize that you are hungry and have to buy food immediately, even though you are tired from your trip.

    It’s important to have something you brought with you to eat, until you find out where to shop. And get to know the front desk, they are the ones who can tell you where to shop, eat, etc.

  263. J.R. said,

    Manage time to exercise. More than likely if you are not enjoying a buffet breakfast or a power lunch you are probably eating larger portions of food at restaurants than you normally would at home. Keeping to a routine that includes exercising each day will not only help you stay focused and sleep better, you will also thank yourself when you come back home after your trip.

  264. Adri said,

    If I’m going to be in a hotel room for 10 days, I need to have a green plant. Or flowers. If I get a small plant, it makes the room seem more like home.

  265. Leon Y said,

    do some research of where you are going and make the best time out of it while you are there!

  266. aldie said,

    i like to bring photographs of my loved ones and put them all over the room

  267. Pat said,

    Use bags thar can have air removed and sealed and put clothes in these to save space.

  268. JY said,

    Find the nearest market on your smartphone/tablet and make your own food to cut costs.

  269. Ron said,

    Just enjoy your trip. Plan non business related trips, rent a car, leave some flexibility to travel as you wish and enjoy local food and drinks.

  270. Craig said,

    Bring the latest book by your favorite author.

  271. RKB said,

    Bring your own pillow

  272. greg said,

    use the gym facilities daily

  273. Bill H said,

    200 plus entries – nice! I’m on the prepare your entertainment bandwagon. Give me an Pad with facetime or skype, all my music, and a kindle full of books and magazines and I never get bored in a strange city or in a lonely hotel room.

  274. Divyesh said,

    Bring a photo frame with a picture of your family and friends, to make the room more personal.

  275. Ward said,

    Pack lite!!!

  276. Melie said,

    has the winner been drawn yet? I thought it was being done friday, but I haven’t seen anything yet.

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