Contest!!! Win a vacation for two from Home2 Suites by Hilton!! (Closed)

Home2 Suites by Hilton, the award-winning, all-suites extended stay brand, is celebrating one year since opening the doors to its first hotel, and introducing guests to its innovative “hip and humble” concept. Many guests have already made Home2 Suites their go-to home away from home, coming back every time they have to visit one the seven destinations across the United States where it has locations. The brand already has nine new hotels under construction and more than 70 in the works including Canada.

They have a lot of great features, including free breakfast, free wifi, in-room kitchen facilities, outdoor spaces, and more. My two favorite items are that it is pet-friendly (yay!) and has a number of sustainable features.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Home2 Suites by Hilton opening, we are holding a contest. Hooray! The winner of this contest will get a three-night stay for two in the Home2 Suites by Hilton property of their choice, roundtrip airfare, and money for food. Wow!

Now you’re probably all asking, how can I win? It’s simple, as it usually is here on Road Warriorette. Simply leave a comment answering the following question: What is your best tip for someone going on their first extended business trip? We will draw a winner at random next week. Only one entry per person.

Since I am on my first extended business trip right now, this contest seems very appropriate for this week. I will post my best tip next week, once I have the experience to back it up!

For more first birthday fun, check out Home2 Suites by Hilton on Facebook and Twitter (@Home2Suites)!

Thanks for entering!!!



  1. Pack clothes that can be interchanged and layered. I always like to have the ability to wear layers. I also like iron-free clothes such as pants and blazers that don’t wrinkle.

  2. Be sure to take an e-reader/iPad/tablet to stay connected with loved ones back home.

  3. Bring lots of pictures of your kiddos cause you are going to miss them! Or arrange for your fam to fly and spend a week-end with you. That way the trip won’t seem as long.

  4. My advice is to bring clothing that can be washed and worn without wrinkles showing. Chicos has Travelers clothes for women that are great in this regard-professional looking but easily packable without wrinkles, and some hiking type stores (whole earth, REI) have some for men. I also go to these “camping & hiking” type stores for underwear and t-shirts (often silk or something similar) that can be washed and hung out in the shower each night and are dry enough to wear the next day.

  5. Don’t forget electronics chargers…there’s nothing more frustrating!

  6. Bring some food. I know you think you’ll just buy food to use in the extended stay hotel room, but trust me, what you do not want is to check in, carry your luggage to the room, and then realize that you are hungry and have to buy food immediately, even though you are tired from your trip.

    It’s important to have something you brought with you to eat, until you find out where to shop. And get to know the front desk, they are the ones who can tell you where to shop, eat, etc.

  7. Manage time to exercise. More than likely if you are not enjoying a buffet breakfast or a power lunch you are probably eating larger portions of food at restaurants than you normally would at home. Keeping to a routine that includes exercising each day will not only help you stay focused and sleep better, you will also thank yourself when you come back home after your trip.

  8. If I’m going to be in a hotel room for 10 days, I need to have a green plant. Or flowers. If I get a small plant, it makes the room seem more like home.

  9. do some research of where you are going and make the best time out of it while you are there!

  10. Use bags thar can have air removed and sealed and put clothes in these to save space.

  11. Find the nearest market on your smartphone/tablet and make your own food to cut costs.

  12. Just enjoy your trip. Plan non business related trips, rent a car, leave some flexibility to travel as you wish and enjoy local food and drinks.

  13. 200 plus entries – nice! I’m on the prepare your entertainment bandwagon. Give me an Pad with facetime or skype, all my music, and a kindle full of books and magazines and I never get bored in a strange city or in a lonely hotel room.

  14. Bring a photo frame with a picture of your family and friends, to make the room more personal.

  15. has the winner been drawn yet? I thought it was being done friday, but I haven’t seen anything yet.

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