Find your luggage with the click of a button? Interesting…..

I just got this very interesting link from my mom….What do you guys think?

Travel Gear Luggage Locator from EjectITejectit1

“If you’ve ever had trouble spotting your luggage, you need this ETA Travel Gear 48871 Luggage Locator!

This 48871 Luggage Locator can help you find your luggage with just a press of a button. Easily locate your luggage on the airport baggage carousel, after a cruise, or behind the hotel bellhop stand.

It’s easy to use! Here’s how. Simply attach the receiver to a piece of luggage and press the button on the remote. You can locate your bags from up to 60 feet away with a series of beeps and flashes set off by the remote! A radio frequency signal seeks out the receiver attached to your luggage so you can ease the stress of trying to find your luggage!

The Luggage Locator is small enough to fit in your pocket or keychain. Be prepared and buy more than one for your other pieces of luggage!”

I have to say I am not completely sure I want my luggage beeping and flashing at me. But if your luggage looks like everyone else’s, I guess it’s one way to stand out in a crowd. Anyone used this? Seen it used?


  1. My policy is just to not buy black luggage and that makes it different than 75% of bags out there. I currently have a red roller bag with a flyertalk tag so I can spot it easily. Someone tried to take it once, but just 1 glance at the FT luggage tag and I knew it was mine so I swooped in and said “not yours”

  2. Hmmm… wonder if travel insurance covers loss due to a controlled detonation by the local police bomb squad?

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