Are you a new business traveler, not sure how to successfully transition from vacation to work travel?

A frequent domestic business traveler who will start traveling internationally?

Unsure how to balance business travel and home life?

Looking for business travel advice for women?

Don’t worry! Road Warriorette is here for you.

My name is Sarah and I will teach you how to make business travel less stressful and more fun. I’ve been traveling for work for over a decade so consider me your new business travel friend and advisor.  You’ll get tips and advice on how to:

  • Pack exactly what you need to look great from office to dinner, all in a carry-on
  • Breeze through crowded airport security and terminals
  • Maximize your time on the road so you can stay super productive
  • Be kind to others in all of those cramped, shared spaces
  • Balance work travel with home life
  • Travel like a CEO without paying for it

And of course, lots more!

When I first started traveling for business there were few resources, and nothing geared specifically toward women. Road Warriorette was founded in 2009 with the goal of preparing new business travelers, especially women, for the best ways to manage life on the road. I didn’t want anyone to feel the panic I felt before my first trip, so I vowed that once I knew enough to help others I would share that knowledge far and wide.

Let me help make your business travel easier, more efficient, and a little more enjoyable. Thanks for being here!

Hi! I’m Sarah, your resident Road Warriorette devoted to making business travel easier. I started traveling for work back in 2006 and am still going strong. In my off-time my fabulous husband and I co-parent our precocious five year old, adorable two-year-old twins, and elderly dog. I love yoga and drinking wine (occasionally at the same time), So You Think You Can Dance, Sherlock, and superhero movies.



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