Quick Security Tip: What To Do With Those Coats

Now, I know that it is spring, and in most places heavy coats are going back into storage. However, I have a tip for getting through security with coats of any size.

I have seen travelers fight their way through security with large overcoats, sweaters, and scarves, in addition to their suitcase and purse. If security has a really short line, you may be able to get the five bins necessary to get your stuff through the x-ray machine on the table without people getting mad. However, if you have a lot of extra items to put in bins, and you don’t want your fellow travelers to hate you, you may want to consider doing it this way instead.

Once you get into the airport and you don’t need your scarf/jacket/pashmina/whatever anymore, put them in your suitcase until you get through security. Move over by a wall or in a corner, unzip your suitcase, lay your stuff in there, zip up, and you’re ready to go! This should only take a few minutes, but can help you avoid headaches and frustration going through the security line.  It doesn’t matter at this point if your suitcase would be too big to fit in an overhead bin, because you can stop and reverse the process once you are in the gate area.

Now you are going through security with only your suitcase and purse/briefcase! So much easier.


  1. I do something similar, except with all the metal I’m carrying on my person. As I’m waiting in the security line, I put my phone, blackberry, and watch in my duffle bag or backpack. Makes life easier when you don’t have to gather all those things together on the other side.

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