So…. How did it go?

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. My actual Thanksgiving Day was just fine, but the most exciting thing that happened was that my nephew was born!! Home Warrior’s brother and his wife had a little baby boy on Wednesday night. He is a big boy! 8 lbs 11 oz, 21 3/4 in long at birth. He is very handsome and sweet, just like all of the men in his family. We’ve already been over to see him several times, and I have gotten to hold him a lot. I let Home Warrior hold him for a few minutes on Friday, but didn’t think he was appreciating it as much as he should so I took him back. We are so lucky to get this new addition to our family!

Did anyone travel over the holiday? How did it go? Long lines? Lots of opting out or not much? Give us the details in the comments section!!

No one in my immediate family did any plane traveling, it was all by car. My mother-in-law said that traffic wasn’t too bad on Wednesday, but when my father-in-law drove up on Thursday he said there was a lot of traffic. Which is the reverse of my past experience….


  1. I just had to drive 30 miles to the inlaws and there was no traffic.

    My SIL was due Nov 20th, but they had a planned C-Section 4 weeks ago. I guess she wanted to be recovered before thanksgiving. I’m up to 3 nieces now and no clue what to get for christmas.

  2. On the second leg of our drive on Sunday, it took us 2 3/4 hours to go about 45 miles on a big interstate highway! There’s a section between Nashville, TN and Bowling Green, KY that is notorious for having bad traffic, but this was the worst we’ve encountered. I think more people chose to drive for various reasons this year.

  3. we flew out thanksgiving morning, expecting at least some crowds. there was NO LINE at abia. i guess everyone traveled wednesday instead.

    coming back today (monday), the flights were full, but nothing crazy. we went to puerto rico, and while they do have the scanners in san juan, they were only using the metal detectors.

  4. I flew back on Sunday after a week long cruise and was able to get an earlier, non-stop flight. Granted, I gave up 2 upgraded seats to get the last middle seat, but it was only a 2 hour flight, and I slept the whole way. But I was scheduled to get in 5 hours earlier. That was all fine and dandy…until there were engine problems that delayed us on the plane, at the gate for an hour.

  5. I traveled with Continental from Newark to Vieques through SJU and it was totally uneventful. No delay, no crazy TSA stuff… I was prepared for the worst and was actually pleasantly surprised!

  6. I flew out of IAH/Houston to Hawaii the day after Thanksgiving. Discovered short lines and no TSA drama. I went through metal detector like always. Hubby has artificial knee and went through the scanner. He said it was preferable to the pat down he has had in the past.

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