What was important a year ago?

Last June, I celebrated my first blogiversary, went to Vegas, attended my first blogger conference, and had some crazy flying days. Makes me feel busy just thinking about it!! Here is what I wrote about, as a result of that craziness…..

Lots of etiquette! A list of carry-on etiquette, plus reminding passengers to please not grab the seat in front of them.

With several friends taking long trips, I revived my long flight survival guide.

The summer was HOT, so I tried to figure out how to beat the heat and still look professional.

Finally, I realized that it’s not just me: sitting in the back of the plane is actually worse for motion sickness.

And TWO years ago (it amazes me that I can say that) I wrote about my love affair with the pashmina. And this love  continues today!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great, safe 4th of July weekend.

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