I’ve been feeling in a very “shoe” mood this week, enough so that I think I’m going to go shoe shopping here in a bit. Hooray holiday sales! I’m torn, honestly. In a couple of weeks I’m going up to Chicago for my sister’s baby shower, so I think possibly I should look for snow boots. But I’ll use those twice, maybe three times a year. Perhaps I should look for flats instead? I’ll use those a lot! Decisions, decisions.

DSW has a lot of stuff on sale, both online and in the stores. Looove these Bare Trap Emilise boots. They are brown suede, with faux fur trim to keep you nice and warm. It’s all water resistant, of course, so you stay dry.


Or maybe these Caroline boots from Totes? A quilted waterproof upper keeps you toasty even when it’s frigid and snowy outside.

But on the other hand, what about these fabulous flats from Yellow Box? The Sabrina Flat has a pink and brown animal print (although I’m not sure what animal) topped with a large jewel.

These Mojo Moxie Jackie flats feature an oversize houndstooth print, lending a sophisticated air to any outfit. Available in black houndstooth and grey houndstooth. Fun!


So Readers, what kind of shoes are you looking for these days? Any sales I should be checking out?



  1. I totally (uh, no pun intended) got those Totes boots a couple weeks ago at DSW. It snows frequently here and I am beginning to realize how dumb I am switching from heels to flats. I needed to be warm.

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