It’s true: women do want different things than men

While perusing the recent Embassy Suites survey, and again when speaking to Cynthia Good, I got to wondering. Do women look for the same thing as men in a hotel? Specifically, one of the items mentioned in the survey that people thought was important in choosing a hotel was a high definition TV. Honestly, I was surprised to see that. I would have expected things like maid service and breakfast (which apparently makes sense, looking at the survey, since I’m a woman). So I asked for the gender breakdown, and here is what I found out.

When asked which hotel amenities people could have at home, men and women were pretty much in agreement about a personal breakfast chef (45.5% women vs. 42.6% men), pool access (47.7% women vs. 46.6% men), and gym access (49.2% women vs. 48.7% men). But the biggest difference in the top five: a personal bartender, which men wanted almost ten percentage points more often than women (26.7% men vs. 17.6% women), and housekeeping, which women preferred by almost twenty percentage points (women 74.6% vs. men 57.7%). Guess a lot of the ladies agree with me that daily maid service would be awesome at home!

When asked what they would like more of when staying at a hotel, again there were several things men and women agreed upon. Everybody likes a complimentary happy hour (50% women vs. 50% men) and a little extra space to spread out their stuff in the hotel room (40.9% women vs. 38.6% men). But that’s where the similarities end. Women want free, hot breakfast (76.5% women vs. 68.8% men) and more bath amenities (40.6% women vs. 31.7% men), while the dudes want, you guessed it, the high-def TV (43.9% men vs. 33.1% women). Very interesting.

Readers, what do you think? Do the survey findings reflect your views as well?


  1. I’ve been avoiding TV in hotel rooms my past few trips as a way to just watch less. I’m surprised no one mentioned internet speeds. At night when everyone seems to be working, the speeds can be so slow. I’d get rid of most amenities in favor of super fast internet.

  2. Hotel stuff required and want at home
    Dry cleaning delivery
    Hot breakfast & evening lite supper (a la StayBridge)
    6+ pillows on King

    Wish they had:
    Real HDTV with DVR (pause w/ rm svc & calls! Record my favorite show if I work late)
    …airlines – free pet carryon again…so I can rotate which critter gets to come with me! I miss my furrbabies on the road!

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