Two New Things to Take on Every Trip

I’ve decided there are two types of people in the world—those that carry tissues with them all the time, and those who don’t.

My trip this week was initially pretty uneventful. I went to several offices, got some good work done, and ate a tasty steak. However, yesterday about twenty minutes before I was slated to leave for the airport my nose just randomly started bleeding. I guess the dry air and pollution were just too much for it. Of course, I am not of the “always carrying tissues” type, and so had to frantically hold my nose while asking the lady at the desk next to me if she had any. Thank goodness she did, and so I was able to eventually get it stopped. And OMG how freaking embarrassing. Ugh. So the first item that I will keep with me always: tissues.

On the way to the airport I stopped at a gas station to get tissues just in case it started bleeding again. Well wouldn’t you know , it happened again while I was in there. I ran to the bathroom to grab some tissues, and frantically searched for a place to put my purse. There was nothing. No hook, stand, table, counter, nothing. I hate, hate, HATE putting my purse on a bathroom floor but in this case had no choice. Again, I got the bleeding stopped, but I have now added another item to keep with me always: sanitizing wipes.

Needless to say, I was super glad to get home last night!

Readers, have you ever needed something desperately that you didn’t have while on a trip? Did you start carrying it with you on future trips?


  1. I had a similar bleeding nose experience on an international flight – nothing like bleeding on a plane to remind you to put tissues in your purse next time!

    I also carry sanitizing wipes – I heard somewhere that rental cars are really germy, as are hotel phones & remotes & doorknobs, so I wipe all of those down. Also the tray on the plane if I put it down – another super germy location. Here, this will freak you out…

    I also carry those kid handwipes too – useful not just for kids! I found out on my last trip that my shout wipes had dried out & the kid wipes did a pretty good job of getting some yogurt off my pants.

  2. Ok, you know the Somehing new comes in, something old goes out. What now would you remove from your travel pack to make room for these items?

  3. @Levy Flight hmmmmm. I think I can fit these in without leaving something out. However if I had to pick I would leave my ziploc of teabags and Splenda at home–those are comfort items and nice to have, but not necessary.

  4. I’m a packrat. I always have tissues, napkins, cleaning wipes, and wrapped plastic silverware with me. I make my own cleaning wipes out of baby wipes and awesome cleaner from the dollar store. By doing it like this you can use the wipe two ways as a cleaner or as a stain wipe. If you get ink on your clothes or hands it will get it out.

  5. Oh yes. I was in a hotel, woke up in the morning and got my period – 10 days early, so of course I had nothing with me. No shop in the hotel lobby, nothing nearby. I did not have a rental car either. Ugh. I walked several blocks to a drug store (in my work clothes and shoes, because it was just an overnight trip and I didn’t bring casual clothes), and then it started raining on my way back to the hotel (of course I had no umbrella either). One of the worst trips EVER. Now you all know what I bring on EVERY trip, no matter what the time of month is.

  6. I never travel without wipes. I wipe down every bit of the airplane seat, arm rest, seatback, each trip to the plane bathroom, and then, every bit of the hotel.
    I always carry a couple of tea bags and Splenda packs.
    A clean pair of undies in a ziplock biggie in my carry on.
    Large clear plastic trash bag for extra wet items like boots from a rain storm.
    I am never without my own pillowcase.

  7. I always carry them. Can’t tell you how many sticky seats I have sat in….giving the remains to the head steward can be rewarding.

  8. I also get nose bleeds occasionally after several long international flights. Tissues are a must, but I’ve also invested in saline nasal spray at the suggestion of a flight attendant. It actually seems to help.

    I pack Lysol wipes. If you watch Hotel Impossible w/Anthony Melchiori you’ll understand why. I use them to wipe the toilet handle in the hotel before I use it (not everytime, just the first time)- it’s a must. Then I use one to wipe the TV remote – something hotels never clean! On the airplane, I wipe the tray table if I’m going to use it.

    I’ve also switched from Hand Sanitizer gel/liquid to wipes. They’re so much easier to travel with.

  9. @Roadwarriorette: giving up the tea bags is rather bold. They can give a refreshing drink and absorb blood. When ever I see someone with a rolled tea bag up the nose to stem the flow of blood I knows I have found someone
    who lnot only likes the sweet smell of Darjeeling but also packs thoughtfully 🙂

  10. Does TSA allow sanitizer wipes through? I would have thought because they are wet they might not.

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