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On my first business trip I packed so much that I couldn’t lift my suitcase and had to pack it. I blame that in large part to the EMME bagenormous toiletry kit, stuffed to the brim, that took up half of my rollaboard. After that trip I vowed that I would stay far away from the giant folding toiletry kits, and for the last eight years have used a combination of smaller bags. The smaller bags are great because they can squeeze in tight places, but they’re not a perfect solution. My toiletries are just grouped together, with no organization, and stuff gets lost in the bottom. While cleaning out my liquids bag I realized I was traveling with no less than three lotions!

When fellow business traveler Emily Constantine contacted me about a toiletry bag she had created, I was intrigued. Emily’s story is really compelling and something that a lot of business travelers can relate to. She knew what she EMME hanging
wanted in a toiletry bag, couldn’t find it anywhere, so set off to design her own (kind of like me with this blog!) Highly functional, with lots of pockets? That part sounds great. But when I heard it was a folding toiletry bag, I was skeptical. Emily sent me an EMME bag, and once I got it and used it, I was a convert.

Yes, it is a folding toiletry bag. But it is definitely not the dreaded enormous folding bag that I used on my first trip. It’s slim and compact—in fact even stuffed to the gills it’s thinner than my regular toiletry bag. It has a zillion different sized pockets (that zip!) to hold all the essentials. There are two pouches that you can remove, including a clear one designed to comply with TSA security requirements. It also comes with every size of bottle and container (under 3 oz) you could ever need. There are so many that we’ve started using them for non-toiletries, such as medicine. Finally, it has a hanger so you can get it off the counter but still see EMME comparisoneverything that’s in it.

I love this toiletry bag. It’s incredibly high quality. I wasn’t sure about all of the compartments, but after a month of use I really love having a place for everything. In my other toiletry bag the flotsam and jetsam of travel would build up, until you have four tubes of toothpaste and three bottles of lotion. Because you can see everything in the EMME bag, that doesn’t happen—you truly only have what you need. The EMME bag is available for $75.

UPDATE: Road Warriorette readers who purchase an EMME bag can take 20% off with the code ROAD.

Readers, what is your favorite feature in a toiletry bag?


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  1. $75 for this bag seems insane! Plus $8 for shipping? Also, I can’t see on their website that it comes with the bottles and small containers.

    I like it, but I got something similar at Target for $24.

  2. I agree w/RR – $75 for a toiletry bag is insane. Target and many other places have options of all sizes with all different kinds of compartments. And if one doesn’t clean out/take inventory of a toiletry bag when unpacking, it will fill up with all kinds of things, no matter how many compartments (or not) it has.

  3. Hi RR and Elle – thanks for the feedback on the price! It’s helpful to know what your thoughts are. We used the highest quality materials possible which is why the price is more than some other comparable products. We do offer a discount for Road Warriorette readers – 20% with the code ROAD, and a “no problem” refund policy.

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