Cell phones in the aisle

Recently I was boarding a flight to Boston when I noticed something pretty annoying.  The lady in front of me was talking on her Amazon Firecell phone (loudly) while walking down the aisle boarding our flight.  I could tell she was completely distracted while pulling her luggage down the aisle as she bumped into at least two people with her luggage along the way.   When she got to her row, instead of putting her phone away for a brief moment so she could get her luggage into the overhead bin, she proceeded to put the phone against her shoulder to continue the conversation while she attempted to put her bag up.  She tried to lift her luggage once but couldn’t get it at the right angle to go into the bin.  At this point I thought she was going to end the conversation so she could focus on lifting her luggage but I was wrong.  She instead shifts the phone to the other shoulder and attempts yet again.  I could tell she was making everyone around her nervous because she did not have complete control of the luggage.  She had the luggage about half way in the overhead bin when she started looking around for help (with the phone still on her shoulder).   Finally a nice gentleman got up to help her get the bag all the way into the bin.  She smiled at him then continued on with her conversation in her seat until we took off.

As many of you know travel etiquette is something I care deeply about.  Anytime I see something happening like this I write about it in the hopes that others don’t make the same mistake.  This particular story was a more extreme example, but I see people talking on their phone while they walk down the aisle all the time.  It’s inconsiderate, and as I witnessed has the potential to be dangerous.  We all have busy lives and I understand it can be important to get that meeting in before the flight takes off, but folks when you’re boarding a flight it needs to wait until you get to your seat.  Or at least wear a headset so it doesn’t interfere with your movements! It not fair to everyone else around you to be inconvenienced while you jabber away on your phone.

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Readers, have you had issues with people talking on their phone and not paying attention during travel?


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  1. I’m convinced some people ( IMHO the ones that should not own cell phones) lose track of their surroundings when on the phone, some kind of mental drug effect ?

  2. Road Warriorette, Good post! Reminds me of people (usually men) on shuttle flights between DC and NY.
    Lady Light Travel, Well said! I will certainly remember your words in case I come across someone like this.
    – Barb @barbdelollis

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