Double check everything before booking your flight!

Early this morning I got a text from a friend. She was at the airport, about to leave (I thought) for a business trip to to do listNew York. She had run into an unexpected snag, though—according to the airline, she was at the wrong airport!

Here’s the deal. About six weeks ago she moved from Chicago to Dallas. While making her reservations for this trip (her first since moving) she booked her return trip first, with no issues. But while reserving the trip out there she had to refresh her page several times. At some point, her web browser auto-filled “ORD” as her departure city, not DFW as she intended. She booked her flight without realizing the mistake. In fact, it wasn’t until she arrived at the airport that she discovered the issue. Luckily (and honestly, surprisingly) she only had to pay the fare difference to get her flight switched–$250. That seems incredibly reasonable to me considering the circumstances! 

The moral of this story: check all of your details for your flights, especially if you’ve had a big life change recently! It’s so easy for frequent travelers to be on auto-pilot, not realizing something is amiss until you arrive at the airport. Luckily my friend was able to fix her situation fairly easily, and arrived only a couple of hours after intended. It certainly could have been way worse though!

Readers, have you ever booked the wrong flight?

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  1. I always try to double and triple check dates, locations, and times when I book something. I’ve gotten confused on dates when a departure time is past midnight, but I’ve thankfully been able to catch them in time. 🙂

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