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passport and ticketTomorrow a friend is traveling internationally for the first time. I  am really excited for him (and slightly envious of  his cool vacation!). When he confessed that he was a little apprehensive about the whole super long flight thing, I told him I would send him a bunch of links to past posts about international travel. Then I figured, why not post it for everyone? If you are planning your first international trip (or first trip in a long time) then here are the posts I recommend you read  before you leave.

5 ways to be comfortable on an international flight. My top tips for comfort on super-long flights. The reader comments have some great suggestions as well, so scroll all  the way down!

6 things to help you sleep on international flights. On flights that long you need to be able to sleep! Here are my must-haves that send me straight to dream-land.

What to wear for international flights. What you wear can basically make or break your comfort level when traveling for a long time. These are my favorite outfits for international trips.

Preparing for your first international business trip. I did a five-part series on all the aspects of getting ready for your first international business trip. Part 1: Passport, travel advisories, vaccinations. Part 2: Food, transportation, language. Part 3: Credit cards, currency exchange, points, cell phone plans. Part 4: (below). Part 5: Time changes, visas, Global Entry.

What to pack in your carryon. Yes, this is part of that series above, but I think this is so important I wanted to separate it! All the things I keep in my carryon for international trips.

Is Global Entry worth it? Paying $100 for five years of Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check–is it worth  the cost? I think we all agree that the answer is YESSSSSSSS.

Readers, what are your best tips for someone taking their first international business trip?


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