2018 Travel Related Resolutions

a pink package with a labelAh, the new year. Time for “New Year, New You!” campaigns and starting fresh. I like planning, making goals, and figuring out how I want to improve myself, so why not jump on the bandwagon with a few travel related resolutions?

Surprisingly, I did fairly well on last year’s resolutions. I got Gold status with Marriott, went on a vacation to the beach with the Home Warrior (and only one kid), figured out how to make travel mostly tolerable with twin toddlers, took better care of my skin on trips, and refined my style for travel (and in general) pretty well. The one place that didn’t get much traction was being more active. Sigh. Putting that back on the list for this year.

So besides being more active, what is on my travel resolutions list for 2018? Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Read more on trips. Reading is one of my most favorite activities, but I basically don’t have time to read while I’m home, My plan: read more while I’m traveling, since there aren’t three small humans demanding my attention. I’ve spent a lot of time lately watching movies on flights because, well, I also love movies. But my goal is to read five books while I’m traveling this year. I know, I know–that doesn’t sound like much, but I’m trying to be realistic!
  2. Do my hair. Last year I made an effort to take care of my skin and refine my clothing style. One thing left off the list–my hair. I’ve had long hair for several years and basically adopted the top knot as my everyday style, and while I love its simplicity, I would really like to get a better style for leaving my hair down. In a couple of weeks I’ve got an appointment with my stylist, and I’m cutting off probably seven inches. Eeeeee!
  3. Vacation…with all the kids. Last year we took a fantastic vacation to Sanibel Island, FL with just our five-year-old, leaving the two-year-old twins at home. It was glorious. We are going to *try* to do a driving vacation with all three kids this year. Maybe the beach, maybe the mountains, who knows. But there will be a suite or house with a fridge and lots of toys. And a pretty view for Mommy and Daddy to look at after the kids go to bed.
  4. Get out and explore the city I’m in. The last few years my trips have been so jam-packed that I haven’t had any extra time to do any exploring. However in September I was able to take in a local college football game while visiting a client. It was so fun, and reminded me that I need to slow down and enjoy myself (even if it’s just a tiny bit).
  5. Be more active. It’s OFFICIALLY on my goals list to do another triathlon this year. In order to do that I have to train! So while I’m traveling I *have* to make time to exercise.

There you have it. My resolutions for the year that are travel related.  I’ve said I’d do these things to all of you so now I’m committed. Right??

Readers, do you have any travel related resolutions for 2018?


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