One Dress Two Ways, Summer and Fall edition

This is such an interesting time of year, clothing wise. On the one hand, in Texas it is so insanely hot stepping outside is like walking into an oven. Each morning as I get dressed I have to strategize about which items are least likely to contribute to a melting feeling when walking to my car. 

And forget about doing my hair. The best thing is to have that entire hot mess up and away from any skin. Sigh.

On the other hand, it is also back-to-school season for much of the country, which evokes the season of fall, rather than the literal middle of summer. Stores are running ads with adorable children and their equally adorable parents in pants and light sweaters, hair streaming in the imagined breeze as they play in piles of leaves. 

The second scenario is so far from my reality that I feel a bit of cognitive dissonance looking at these websites. And frankly, actual fall weather won’t be here at my house until the end of October or early November, best case scenario. (Seriously. Last year we were swimming until the week before Halloween.)

But that doesn’t mean I don’t long for fall and cooler weather and boots and not breaking out in a sweat walking the ten feet from my door to my car somebody help me pleeeeeeease.

Ahem. Additionally, some of the places I’ll be visiting in the next couple of months during the one million trips I have coming up will have actual cooler temperatures. Places like Boden and Old Navy have released some really fabulous ponte dresses (my fave for business travel) and I finally succumbed to the temptation and bought this beautiful burgundy dress from Old Navy.

The fabric is the perfect weight, heavy enough to skim without clinging but not so heavy it’s stiff or hot. It’s really the perfect way to wear one dress two ways, depending on the season. I can’t wait to wear it next week to Tennessee, but I’ll also be able to wear it to Chicago in October with a few modifications. And maybe, just maybe, in Texas in November. 

a collage of different dresses and shoes



Keep it cool with uncluttered jewelry, colorful flats, and an updo.

Dress + mustard peep toe flats + classic jewelry


Stay warm with a cardigan, tights and boots, and a fun scarf. 

Dress + gray tights + cognac boots + mustard cardigan + colorful scarf and jewelry

Next week if I end up wearing the dress on the plane I will bring the cardigan and scarf just in case, but once I land the dress will be perfect on its own.

Readers, what are you wearing now that you plan to wear in a later season?


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a flat lay of hair accessories

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