Contest!! Win an OtterBox iPhone case from MobileDay! (closed)

November 27, 2012

This contest is closed.

The Road Warriorette contest bonanza continues!

Friends, I have discovered one of the most helpful apps for a business traveler. Ever. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I promise I’m not. Question: how many conference calls do you take a week? Five? Ten? Twenty? How many of those are while you’re on the road? For me, it’s at least half. And half of those I am literally in transit from one place to another, driving, walking, or in an airport. Dialing a conference call number and then entering a long passcode can be tricky when you’re at your office, and darn near impossible when you’re driving.

Enter MobileDay. This amazing app gets the info from the calendar on your phone, alerts you when it’s time for your meeting, then dials the number and the passcode for you. It’s amazing, and attending meetings while on a trip has never, ever been easier. It’s free, and everyone should download it immediately! (Click here to download)

To celebrate the launch of this fantastic app, we are giving away an OtterBox iPhone case (for either iPhone 4 or 5). To enter, between now and Monday, December 3 leave a comment answering the following question:  What is the strangest thing you’ve done while on a conference call? A winner will be chosen randomly from the entries on Tuesday, December 4. As always, only one entry per person. (And please, keep it family friendly!)

(If you’re not familiar with OtterBox, they are incredibly durable phone cases. I have one and even though I drop my phone all. the. time. it never gets damaged.)

I think we’ve all driven, gone through airport security, and boarded a plane while on conference calls. But the strangest thing I’ve ever done while on a conference call is grout my kitchen backsplash. Hey, when you schedule meetings for 7:30pm, expect some multitasking!

If you want to know more about MobileDay, check out the video below.

Good luck everyone!

  1. Dale said,

    I forgot to have my phone on mute during a large conference call…this caused problems

  2. Pointasaurus said,

    Shoot the person on the other end a “bird”

  3. FEV said,

    Showered … and no one ever knew!

  4. Don said,

    Took a number 2

  5. Con said,

    Put the person on mute and coooked dinner.

  6. BewareNZ said,

    What’s the strangest thing I have done on a conference call? I Roamed the garden pruning roses, until our crazy rooster found me and started to chase me around the garden crowing at full volume – which made everyone else fall about laughing at the other end of the line!

  7. CM said,

    I rebooted and fixed a detector system. No one on the other end knew that I was working on another project :)

  8. Joel said,

    Listened to every word spoken.

  9. Abhishek Duggal said,

    Ended up assisting their technical support instead of them assisting us!

  10. susan said,


  11. Alexa said,

    Navigated the TSA line at the airport!

  12. Jerry said,

    Put the confernce on mute ..watched a football game

  13. Doug said,

    I work from home full time, so all my conference calls are done using my DECT headset that reaches anywhere in the house. I’ve done pretty much everything, from use the bathroom, to go outside and chat with the mailman, to wash dishes in the kitchen. I’ve even done the above on calls that I actually run! After a few years of this, I’m a very quick draw (to the mute button on the top of the headset)!

  14. Brad said,

    Put on mute while playing tennis match

  15. Lee said,

    Actually paid attention to the call content!

  16. Mariah said,

    Having three lovely children, I often nursed them through conference calls when they were babies. But I think hooking myself up to the pump (which I also did) was even stranger. Mute is a wonderful button.

  17. Sean said,

    Surfed the Boarding area website. Sorry, I know that’s a boring answer but why lie?

  18. Ross H said,

    Multiple times during 7am conference calls that occur before I go into work I’ll shower and shave during the call

  19. Abhinav G said,

    Fell asleep.

  20. Jeffrey said,

    Used the bathroom (on mute) :)

  21. Hao T said,


  22. SM said,

    I stupidly decided to join a call while I being tested for allergies 5 blocks from work. I don’t know who was more pissed off, the nurse who yelled at me to get off my phone while pricking my arm 42 times, or my colleagues who were expecting me to respond coherently. Giant multitasking fail.

  23. Beth said,

    In the interest of the season, I once decorated my Christmas tree.

  24. Richard Ryan said,

    Listened to one of the other call participants throwing up in the bathroom.

    The poor guy had the flu, but was urgently needed for our call. He did tell us he was sick and might need to “step out” for a minute.

    Unfortunately, he was in such a hurry he didn’t mute his phone and we got to hear him heaving. :-(

  25. Erica Klein said,

    Walked my dog…

  26. MSPpete said,

    Used bathroom while on mute.

  27. DaninSTL said,

    Ride the NOISY rental car shuttle bus at LAX. I couldn’t hear a word and it was very important. I kept saying yes, yes , yes.

  28. Felicia Braude said,

    Snoozed during early morning calls… conference call from my bed? why thank you!

  29. Kevin W. said,

    Dialed-in to another call half-way through the first one.

  30. tiffany l said,

    brushed my teeth while they were on mute.

  31. Jen said,

    Tried to talk to both my crazy sons at once.

  32. Elle said,

    I work from home a lot and often have calls w/European colleagues early in (my) morning, so I’ve flat-ironed my hair, put on make-up, got dressed. I’ve knitted, sorted yarn, folded laundry (often!!), ironed. I’ve played online scrabble. I’ve done my nails. Wow, this is awful!

  33. Heidi said,

    Dialed in, sd I was on, muted and mowed the lawn!

  34. R Gage said,

    Had lunch.

  35. Martin Vrlik said,

    I had my tooth mended. My dentist was not really happy but it was an emergency :(

  36. James said,

    I flirted with my colleague

  37. DeeDee V. said,

    I did my grocery shopping once.

    One work-from-home day when my kids were out of school, did a conference-call from the park.

  38. Dan said,

    Did a workout at home

  39. Kodoma said,

    Having a major hot flash and shedding clothing as I spoke lol.

  40. Ari said,

    BR on mute

  41. Cherie Montorio said,

    Believe it or not I fell asleep…

  42. Anne said,

    I’ve been on 2 different conference calls at the same time, one on my desk phone and one on my cell.

  43. Phxbne said,

    Gossiped with my coworkers….not too exciting

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