Can I bring wipes on a plane?

shout wipesLast week I had lunch with some girlfriends. We are all in the same field, so there was a lot of shop talk. No one travels quite as much as I do but there are a few other frequent fliers in the group. One of these ladies is about to go on her first business trip, the first of several this year. “You guys, don’t laugh,” she says. “It’s been forever since I’ve flown. Can I bring face wipes on the plane?”

I know, this is a question that frequent travelers see as basic. But it’s not the first time I’ve gotten it! Several times a month people find my blog by searching for this very question, according to Google Analytics. So since so many people are asking, I wanted to make the answer very clear. YES. Yes, you can travel with wipes on a plane. There is no problem taking wipes through airport security. In fact, I travel with several different  kinds of wipes on most trips–I have my face wipes, antibacterial wipes, and laundry wipes in my suitcase or carry-on basically all the time.

Here is what the TSA has to say about wipes on the “Can I bring…?” tool. Anytime you’re unsure of whether something is allowed through security, check this tool!

TSA wipes

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Readers, do you bring any types of wipes with you when you travel?


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  1. Sure do! Travel pack of Clorox wipes! Armrest, seat belt buckle, TRAY TABLE (oh God please the tray table), air vent nozzle, and the head rest portion of the seat (not in this order). Sometimes I’ll do the ledge of the window shade, too.

    Once I arrive at the hotel, I switch to spray Lysol. Phone, lightswitches, toilet handle, TV remote (oh God please the TV remote), and door knobs.

    My road warrior colleagues make fun of me, yet I’m the ONLY one of them that hasn’t gotten sick the last 3 years of constant business travel…imagine that. Plus Airborne tablets, but I digress.

  2. While wipes are unambiguously allowed, a big package of them can look like a container of liquid on the X-ray. If I’m putting stuff in a bin anyway, I will often take out the package of wipes and put it in the bin too. This is not required, but it can avoid a delay when the screener spots the wipes, mistakes them for liquid, and stops you to inspect the bag.

  3. Yep, I’m with Rich – any time I travel with wipes, they get inspected by the TSA. I gave up and quit traveling with them, unfortunately.

  4. Amen, @Bryce. I also travel and wipe down anything and everything that I could possibly touch on the airplane. I never get sick. I never got stopped by security with them either.

    And if your plane neighbor gives you a, “gosh, what a germaphobe” look, simply offer them one. They will take it and wipe down their area and change their tune. Never fails. 🙂

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