Just a reminder: Keep a bleach pen in your suitcase!

A couple of years I posted about an experience that prompted me to start keeping a bleach pen in my suitcase at all times. This past weekend I was on a work trip with several colleagues, one of whom wore white pants for a presentation (against my better recommendation, seriously). When someone bumped into her and spilled her coffee on her pants, she was very glad I had my Tide pen! And after I shared my story (below) she agreed that maybe white pants are not a great idea for important events.


Just a reminder why, even though I love white and wear it often, I don’t wear it for important presentation days. Here is the story (a repost from a few years ago).

The day before giving a speech in front of two hundred people I got my car fully cleaned inside and out, which was desperately needed.  The morning of my talk I put on my favorite pants, a pair of flattering and comfortable white slacks. I was running a little behind so the Home Warrior drove me so I could do my makeup in the car. As part of the car cleaning I had my seats shampooed, and they were still a little damp from the day before.  When we arrived I was a little concerned I would have a damp spot on my rear so I got out and asked the Home Warrior take a look at my pants before heading into the conference. He was silent. When I turned around to look at him he had the most terrified expression on his face I had ever seen. All he said was, “Get in the car”.  I said “What??” He proceeded to inform me that I had a huge brown spot on the seat of my pants which made it look like I’d had a very unfortunate accident. Apparently some coffee I spilled in my car years ago hadn’t been cleaned properly, and only resurfaced upon shampooing of my seat. My talk started in fifteen minutes. Luckily we lived five minutes away so the Home Warrior frantically drove me back home where I changed into black and made it back with seconds to spare.  Crisis averted, barely.

Readers, do you have any wardrobe crises to share?


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  1. Day 3 of 24 day trip, a sudden spouting bloody nose! Thank heaven I had just put a new regular sized tide pen in my toiletries bag! I must have used half a box of tissues to stop the bleeding. I did have to change, but was able to rinse in cold and treat with Tide before my meeting. Hand washed when I got back that night. It was all good to go the next morning. I still wear that top.

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