Getting Ready for the First trip in a Loooong Time

November 20, 2012 - 8 Responses

Next week, I will take my first business trip in almost five months. That is a long time for a Road Warrior to be grounded! I am looking forward to getting going again, but apprehensive about a few things too. Will it feel weird to be back in action? Will I remember to pack everything? What about changes in airport security or my airline? (Plus I know I’ll miss my baby, but knowing he is in good hands at home with Daddy eases my mind.) Here is how I plan to prepare for the trip:

Read my blog. Whenever I review my blog, I am surprised by how much I’ve written. There is a lot of helpful stuff in here, if I do say so myself, and I need to go back and read some of it. Especially the security and packing tips!

Make a list. Before I pack, I am going to make a very detailed packing list—way more so than usual. It would be super lame to get to my destination and not have something critical, like my computer, work files, contact solution, etc.

Give myself extra time. In the past I’ve gotten the whole getting-to-the-airport thing down to an exact science—it used to take me 27-30 minutes to drive to the airport, park my car, ride the shuttle to the terminal, and go through security. For this first trip, I’m going to give myself a time cushion just in case I can’t do things as quickly as I think I should.

Figure out the “new mom” stuff. There are a specific travel issues that go along with being a new mom—pumping on the road and transporting breast milk, for starters. Not to mention figuring out how to minimize disruptions for the Mini Warrior at home, and dealing with my own sad feelings to be away from him. (Look for a post on this subject next week.)

So, Readers, that’s my plan. Any suggestions for stuff I missed?