Halfway Up the Mountain

Today I start the third week in my five weeks of travel craziness. I have spent one week in Pittsburgh/Boston and one week in South Texas. This week I go to Nashville and Dallas. Next week I go to New york. And the week after that Ohio and Missouri. Whew!

How am I getting through it, you ask? Well first I have to admit that I am having to let some things slide. I am not cleaning out my personal email box as much as I would like, and the laundry is starting to stack up. However, I don’t feel like I am on the verge of a breakdown, which I was a tiny bit concerned about. I am very tired–but that could be because I got up at 5am this morning before flying to Nashville.

The main ways I am coping are:

  1. Doing what several readers suggested–taking it one day at a time. If I focus on just the day ahead of me, it is a lot easier to keep from getting overwhelmed.  (Granted this is a little hard to do when I am packing, but that is where “Stay Organized” comes in.) Each night I spend at few minutes listing out what I need to do the next day, without really even thinking about the day after that.
  2. Staying organized. Each night I list what I have to do the next day, for work, my blog, and other things. I also make very detailed packing lists, starting withwhat events do I have to attend, how many days will I be gone, etc., then planning the outfits for each of those. List making is a great thing to do during downtime at work.
  3. Try not to stress. There are some things that I can do nothing about, and I just can’t spend my time worrying about them. Even if it is something that I could have prevented, I make a note of it so it doesn’t happen again and then I move on. Also, knowing that I will be gone so much for so long means that some things just have to give. For example, I am not able to do as much at church as I would normally do. Another example is the laundry–I just have to ask Home Warrior to step up and help with house chores more than normal.

I will keep everyone posted on my continued climb up the mountain…..stay tuned.


  1. Seems like the fabulous celebration on Saturday was a real pick you up. I hope that you can ride the euphoria for awhile.

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