Random searches at airports….of cars?

Yesterday, authorities randomly searched cars at the Austin, TX airport. They said it was not based on any specific threat, and that they could basically do this whenever they wanted.Anyone who didn’t want to be searched was directed to the parking area, instead of being allowed to pick people up or drop them off curbside. Supposedly the searches were quick and not supposed to cause delays.

I had no idea that the government was doing this.  Who decides who they search? I just feel that we need more information about this practice. I guess I see the reason for random searches, but I can tell you this. If I was running super late for a flight, and planning on being able to take my car right up to the terminal for valet parking,  and I was stopped and told that authorities had to search my car–I would be very frustrated. And probably miss my flight.


  1. supposedly you can opt out of the search but they don’t say what happens to you if you opt out. if they tell you that you can’t enter without submitting to a search then this is probably going to be struck down.

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