Some Snacks To Bring Along

a bowl of almonds next to a bag of nutsIn my various lists of stuff to bring on a trip, you may have noticed that a snack is almost always mentioned. You may conclude from other comments I’ve made (eat every chance you get) that I have a thing for food. You would probably be right. I love food, and if I don’t eat when I am hungry I get very, very cranky. Just ask my poor coworker who often travels with me, and gets the brunt of my hunger-induced crankiness. It’s gotten to the point that she will check with me around mealtime if it looks like we won’t get anything soon.

To make things easier on her, and, well, anyone else that comes into contact with me at mealtimes, I have developed strategies related to food. The first thing is to plan my meals as best I can. If I know lunch is coming soon, I feel better about going longer without food. The second thing is to eat every chance I get if I can’t plan my meals. And the last thing is to take snacks with me. Having healthy, tasty treats can get me through almost any situation. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Nuts. Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, whatever you like.
  • Fruits or veggies. Strawberries, apple slices, banana all travel well. And on the vegetable side, carrots are so easy to bring along.
  • Cheese. String cheese, cubes, or slices.
  • Bars. Some sort of bar, be it Lunabar, SoyJoy, Atkins, granola, whatever.
  • Beef jerkey. Love it!
  • Emergen-C. Immediate energy pick-me-up, and it’s good for you.
  • Tuna kits. The ones in the package (not the can) can be placed in carry-on luggage.
  • Water. Have to stay hydrated!
  • Dove Darks. Because everyone needs dark chocolate. Yes, everyone.

So don’t be mean to your coworkers when you can’t eat. Just make sure you have something to snack on!


  1. I agree with most of it, not sure about Bars – I am not familiar with Lunabar, Atkins, SoyJoy products but I am pretty sure all of them contain sugar added and this is number one ingredient you want to limit during the travel, because it will make you tired very soon. A little bit of Dark chocolate is OK (less sweet), and not too much fruits.

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