A Whole World of Toiletry Packing Tips

As soon as you start thinking about or listing or practicing creative ways to pack your toiletries, it seems like the tips just start coming out of the woodwork. Everywhere I have gone, lately, I have heard or discovered new clever ways to pack my face creams. Love!

I was out to dinner with my parents and some friends earlier this week to celebrate a birthday. As we are all avid travelers, conversation eventually moved to this blog. “I love your packing tip from last week!” one friend exclaimed. “Of course, I read that the day after I came home from a trip, too late to do me any good.” Isn’t that the way it always works.

But she did have one excellent suggestion that I would like to share with all of you now. And as it involves one of my favorite places on earth, I am even more excited to share. If you go to Sephora and tell them you are interested in trying out a few new products, they will give you samples. Nordstrom, Sak’s, and a few other places will do this as well. This is good for many reasons: 1) You get to try out new products without paying for a full container; 2) You get travel sized products; 3) You often get reusable containers. Yes!! Win on all sides!! Also, when you purchase from Sephora.com, you typically get the chance to order sample-sizes of a few products as well for free. I am definitely not advocating going in and scamming Sephora or Nordstrom, but it’s a great way to try some new stuff before you shell out big bucks for a full size. And get travel toiletries to boot.

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