A Suitcase That Pulls Itself? Weird.

This thing is crazy. It is a motorized suitcase that will propel itself. The motors respond to inclines and “difficult surfaces” in case your bag is too heavy for you to pull. Sounds great, right? Not only do you not have to carry your suitcase, you don’t even really have to pull it anymore.

The catch? There are two.

Number one is the weight. It weighs 60 lbs!! So you would have to pay extra to check the suitcase alone, not to mention all that stuff you put in it.

The second catch is the price. It is over $1000 for a suitcase. Yes, $1000. So I am not awesome at math, but I do know that $1000 for a suitcase is a LOT. And you have to pay fees for it weighing too much every time you use it. Some people may find this incredibly useful, but I am not that person. I will keep my four year old Ogio rollerboard, and now I will be even more grateful for how light it is.


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