Packing Tips from Briggs & Riley

This is a new semi-regular feature here on Road Warriorette. Briggs & Riley is one of the premier luggage brands, with a collection for every life style from the casual traveler to the business travel elite.

Packing Tip from Richard Krulik (CEO, Briggs & Riley)

Bans bulk and sticks with a central color scheme

Be careful not to over fold, it’s what bulks things up, taking up unnecessary space.  I spread things out as widely as I can, laying my slacks on the bottom of the luggage with the “legs” hanging over the sides.  I pack on top of the slacks and then fold the part that’s hanging outside back in – it makes a nice gentle fold instead of a hard crease in the legs.  It saves space and prevents wrinkles at the same time. With sweaters, I take thin cashmere instead of cable knit.  I’ll limit the variation of colors to bring only two pairs of black shoes, which I alternate wearing.

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