A Great Women’s Suit For Traveling

When I did my guest post on Corporette a few days ago, I included a packing list. One of the big questions I got was: “Where’s the suit?” I know that while many of us are lucky enough to wear business casual when we travel, there are still many women who have to wear suits. So I “tortured” myself by looking at the Nordstrom website until I found a suit that I like, that I think is good for travel.

This Tailor suit from Theory is made out of a combination of wool and Lycra, which  means it will look good,  move with you, and resist wrinkles. It comes in a variety of colors, but of course the gray is my favorite. There are pants, a skirt, and a jacket, and if you get it in black there is even a dress. Everything you need to have different looks without bringing tons of stuff. Win!

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