Travel Wallets: More than just a place for money!

One thing you don’t hear a lot about is travel wallets. People typically choose their wallet based on criteria for their normal life, not their travel life. Is it cute? Does it hold all of my credit cards? What is it made of? Is it well constructed? Etc. These are all good questions when wallet shopping, and one that’s good for travel just has a few extra criteria to meet. Can it hold my receipts/tickets/passport/whatever you need it to hold comfortably? Will you need it to stand on its own as a purse? (See “What to do with the purse?” for reasons why.) I need my wallet to hold money, credit cards, frequent flier/rewards cards, receipts, and my boarding pass.

A quick Google search of travel wallets shows that while there are many variations available, most wallets listed for travel are checkbook-size. This makes sense when you think about how tickets and receipts are longer than your average short wallet. That’s basically where the similarities end though. They are available in all price points, all materials, and with a variety of interiors.

The Eagle Creek Navigator has a place for your passport, credit cards and I.D., and hangs around your neck. Super stylish, maybe not, but very functional.

The Tumi Capra is lovely, and a good size, and has plenty of credit card slots, but must be made of gold to justify its hefty price tag.

My favorite that I found is the Hobo International Nancy, which has a lot of space for cards and a divided interior, great for holding receipts and boarding passes.

If you need one to work as a clutch, the Clava Wellie Foldover Clutch is a lovely option, with a few credit card slots, a wristlet, and a larger compartment for keys or lipstick.

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