What to Wear to the Airport: Anthropologie top and sweater

Yesterday I went to Nashville for the day, and the trip started well enough. The security line was very short, and the people in my line were very efficient. My flight was on time, with an entertaining flight crew. The event went well, if a bit slowly. I met some great people and was feeling pretty good heading to dinner with a new friend. However, at dinner we started getting alerts about our flight. Delayed thirty minutes….an hour and fifteen minutes…..two hours….three hours!! We decided after such a nice day, we weren’t going to be angry about our delayed flight. We would enjoy our delicious dinner, and then go shopping.

We ended up heading over to Antrhopologie in Green Hills. I have long been a fan of Anthropologie for housewares (like these super cute napkins I got a few weeks ago!) but their clothes, while cute, have always verged on too-weird for me. This time, though, I found stuff, on sale no less, that is super cute, work appropriate, comfortable, and edgy without crossing the line. And as I sit here wearing my new cozy sweater, I am tired from getting home at 1am but very happy with my new outfit.

The Wardrobe Staple Cardigan is very interesting, longer in the front than the back. The knit is airy, so it’s slightly sheer, but amazingly soft. The salesperson showed me a couple of different ways to wear it, and my favorite is with the sash tied in the back. Mine is the wine color, but all of the colors are lovely.

This Flight of Fancy top is not exactly what I got, but very similar. As I am trying to buy things with patterns I appreciate that the print is adorable without being too precious. It looks great on its own or with the cardigan. I plan to pair it with gray or taupe slacks and my lavender ballet flats. Can’t wait to wear my new outfit!!

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