What to Wear to the Airport: More cute flats

a grey and black flat shoeToday I am in Chicago visiting my sisters. I needed a few small things for my trip, soa brown flat shoe with fur liningyesterday I headed over to Target. As always happens, I got lost in all of the fun things. I walked in needing a new pair of yoga pants and a tank top, and walked out with those items plus a purse and TWO pairs of shoes. Fun! I wore my shoes on the plane flying up here yesterday, and they held up very well in the airport, on the plane, and walking through Chicago. Plus, they are adorable: tweed ballet flats with a ruffle. I have been jonesing for some tweed, and I finally succumbed. The other pair I got are brown suede flats, not incredibly special on the outside, but lined with super-cuddly fleece. When I finally wear them to work I will feel like I’m scamming everybody–it looks like I’m wearing work shoes, but it feels like I’m wearing slippers. Target also has a ton of other cute flats in a variety of colors, and I’m thinking about going back for some purple ones.


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