What To Wear On A Trip: Sweater Dress!

Ah, winter. It’s cold outside and all I want to do is snuggle with a blanket inside! Everything I want to wear right now is warm and cuddly, and the sweater dress is the cuddliest of all. My favorite outfit right now is my gray Talbots sweater dress with black tights and my wine-colored suede boots. Doesn’t it make you feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it? There are sweater dresses all over the place, at many different price points. Plus they travel well and tend to be very comfortable a purple dress on a mannequinfor sitting in meetings all day. Note: When shopping for one, make sure you take a look at your rear view–they can be kinda clingy back there.

Old Navy has a bunch of sweater dresses right now. Solids, stripes, and argyle are all available for less than $40. They are a decent length, and the fun colors add a bright pop of color to the otherwise a woman in a grey dressdreary winter months.

This London Times sweater dress from Overstock is adorable. The cowl neck, a woman in a grey dressthree-quarter sleeves, and pockets add interest without distracting from the traditional line.

If you are looking for a more tailored option, this belted sweater dress from Talbots will fit the bill. The button front and belt say traditional office dress, but the sweater material makes it so cozy for winter. I love the wine color, called “Cassis”.

Editor’s Note: Based on Sarah Cool’s comment below, and the furor erupting over the new style of pat-down, I have changed my recommendation. Absolutely wear a dress while on a trip, but wear pants at the airport. Every time, just in case. I will comment on this more next week.


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