Sponsored Post: Making Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

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Loads of business travel can cause you to feel uprooted.  Rarely do you find yourself at home, and sometimes you miss the sense of belonging and comfort that home provides. Even though you are only in your hotel room a short time, you can do a few quick things to make your home away from home feel more comfortable. The next time you are away, try to make your current hotel room, wherever it may be, feel more like home. You may be surprised how much it can help!

Unpack a little. I’m not saying spread your stuff all over the room, especially if you’re only there to sleep for a few hours before moving on. But having your own things around you can be comforting. So go ahead and put your toiletries on the bathroom counter, set out your laptop on the desk, and hang up your coat. For my first year of business travel, I carried a photo collage of my husband and dogs with me, and glancing over at that made me happy.

Listen to your favorite music. I have an iPhone app for my favorite radio station at home, and when traveling I listen to it every morning while I get ready. It connects me, and keeps me in my normal routine. Other times I will just listen to my current favorite album (right now: Brothers by The Black Keys).  Music can have a powerful effect on your mood, so try it next time you feel a bit blue.

Stick to your normal routine. Every night, I do my normal bedtime routine, using my familiar products from home. Then before bed I read for a few minutes before turning on my White Noise app and going to sleep. What is your nighttime routine? Stick to it, and you will feel more comfortable.

Stay connected. Call your significant other, kids, family members, or friends. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to cut off all contact! I have pictures as the screensaver on my computer, so I’m constantly seeing a rotating gallery when not using it. Skype conversations are great because you get to actually see the people you are talking to.

Book a nice hotel. This may sound obvious, but if you are in a terrible hotel it will not make you feel at home. I don’t mean you need to only stay in five star or very fancy hotels—far from it. Some hotel chains are more welcoming than others! One of the things I loved about my Country Inns & Suites visit was the homey lobby area with a fireplace, which created a great inviting feel! And with a chain, you know that you will always have a certain level of experience regardless of where it is. When I stay in a hotel with a cozy bed and aesthetically pleasing surroundings I feel more comfortable, a little bit pampered, and more at home.

One last thing I do—I always have a small bag of my favorite teas with me. It’s a little thing, but enjoying the same tea I do when I’m not traveling makes me feel like I am home away from home.  And that is a nice feeling for a perpetual traveler!


  1. Nice article. My music and any means of staying connected are a must when I’m on the road, however I think I have the exact opposite problem as you do. I like escaping the drudgery of home life and enjoy the excited of constantly being on the road. If anything I want to know how to make my home feel more like a nice hotel room, or a 5 star resort in Bali for that matter.

  2. hulagrrl210 that is a great point! When I’m traveling for work, I sometimes get lonely and want to feel at home. But when I’m on vacation, I always catch myself trying to figure out ways to make my home feel more like a resort!

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