The Short Suitcase

Now that I am in the market for a short suitcase, I find myself noticing them everywhere. On a flight this week to DFW, the woman next to me had a fabulous white leather short suitcase. In the security line in the San Jose airport, the man in front of me had a very cool red Samsonite spinner short suitcase. They are everywhere!

Researching my options, I have realized that there are two types of short suitcases. The “rolling briefcase” and the “rolling tote bag”. While a rolling briefcase may be great for some, that is not what I want. I have a great briefcase-like bag (that I will be reviewing soon for all of you!) that I love, and no need for one that rolls. What I do need is simply a small suitcase, preferably a cute one, hopefully with spinner wheels.

Here are a few I found on eBags that I like. Decisions, decisions!

The Atlantic Infinity Elite 16″ Wheeled Carryon Tote is functional, has a large compartment, and multiple good-size pockets. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and it’s priced right at $101.99.

My favorite thing about the Victorinox Avolve Wheeled Companion Tote is, of course, the spinner wheels. It also looks like it will hold a lot of stuff and it’s very well priced for Victorinox. The colors aren’t that exciting, but hey, it’s a suitcase.

I really like this Briggs & Riley Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag. The Briggs & Riley brand is a great one, the red is a fun color, and the compartment is large and opens fully. It is at the top of my price range, but I am seriously considering it.

Readers, do you have a short suitcase? What brand do you have, and do you love it or hate it?



  1. I have the Briggs & Riley Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag and love it for regional flights. The main compartment opens completely so you can really layer in lots of stuff. It is not a rolling briefcase, but — like you — I have a briefcase that I love, so the rolling bag works for shorter flights.

  2. I like the Vera Bradley 17 inch rolling tote. It has good organizational features, is sturdy, and holds up well. It also comes in interesting patterns, like blush, night and day, and purple punch.

  3. Don’t get hung up on the distinction between a rolling briefcase and a rolling tote. The best rolling bag I have ever owned was labelled a rolling briefcase but is absolutely perfect for an overnight (or even two with careful packing.) I just looked for it on the Eagle Creek website and it looks like it has been renamed a rolling tote. Anyway, I would highly recommend Eagle Creek – mine is very well thought out and well constructed. I have used it A LOT, and have never had any issues. It also still looks brand new.

  4. I have a Samsonite 26″ 4 wheel spinner, one of their mid-range fabric suitcases, I don’t remember the model. I use it mostly for overseas travel, which is 2/3 of my travel. It works very well and I am VERY glad I switched to a 4 wheel spinner.

  5. I would personally recommend the B&R 20″ Baseline International Carry-on.

    I love this bag. It’s perfect for 2-3 nights away and as plenty of space. The foldout garment bag is also a wonderful addition!

    To me a short case is good for overnights, but I either have day trips, where no bag is needed, or 2-3 nights where I need more than the suit I am wearing so a little larger 20″ bag works like a charm!

    Good luck in your search.

  6. i absolutely love my samsonite spinner–it’s carry on and spins and is light and holds a ton (I went to London/Oxford for a 8 days with suit/shoes and also casual wear). my friend got a cheaper spinner but the handle just didn’t feel as sturdy and he struggled with his.

    get them at macys with super coupons if you can. beware of 2 different types of wheels. the double wheels seem to be sturdier instead of the 1 piece smaller wheels.

    the slightly larger carryon has a folding suit carrier too.

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