Building a Business Travel Wardrobe: Accessories

Building a Business Travel Wardrobe is a new series here on Road Warriorette. The focus will be on the key pieces a woman needs to build a wardrobe that is ideal for travel. Based on the “capsule” wardrobe model, each week will feature an item that is professional, stylish, and that travels well.

Now that we’ve covered the basic components of a business travel capsule wardrobe–pants or skirt, top, and jacket–it’s time to move on to the icing. With accessories, you can complete an outfit or completely change its feel. Whether your personal style is bold or classic, scarves, jewelry, belts, and brooches will take your business travel wardrobe to the next level.

What to look for:

  • Coordination. I recommend starting with some classic pieces, such as pearl earrings. Once you’ve got jewelry that will go with everything, start looking for more fun stuff.
  • Comfort. Necklaces or earrings that are too heavy, belts that are too tight…. Just like anything else you’re wearing, if it bothers you or feels weird then you will feel self-conscious all day.

Every road warriorette needs the following:

  • Earrings and necklace that will go with most tops. I find myself grabbing my pearls more often than anything else.
  • A couple of fun scarves.
  • A belt that coordinates with your suit.

If you want to add other things, try:

  • More earrings–the more the merrier!
  • A statement necklace
  • A skinny belt to wear over cardigans
  • Brooches–I like vintage ones.

Tips for traveling with accessories:

  • Get a travel jewelry case. You can find one anywhere, and it will help keep all of your items corralled. A Ziploc bag can work in a pinch.
  • Just as with any other clothing item you travel with, don’t let your trip be the first time you wear something. I once wore a very cute brooch that ended up being too heavy for the shirt I had on. I tried for hours to keep it from hanging awkwardly, and finally had to take it off.
  • Some metals will set off the metal detectors at airport security. I have seen this happen primarily with larger, medallion-type of necklaces. If you are wearing something like this, you need to put it through the X-ray machine with your suitcase.
  • Some people can wear bracelets and rings while working, but I have to do so much with my hands they inevitably end up bothering me. If you love them, and can do your work with them, I say go for it!

I have a few go-to accessories that I wear on a regular basis: large pearl studs, a long strand of pearls, black drop earrings, a black skinny belt, and a number of scarves. If you’re not sure about what type of accessories are appropriate for work, I highly recommend that you check out Corporette. She suggests specific pieces several times a week.

Jewelry and scarves can be found almost anywhere! The options are almost unlimited. Belts are very common, but a little trickier to buy so I recommend you actually try them on.

My favorite place for jewelry is Etsy. They have so many things to choose from, the prices are usually incredibly fair, and you are supporting artists. I love this Green With Envy necklace from the Etsy store DeniseJewelryDesigns.

Nordstrom is a great place to find lots of things, and belts are no exception. They have a huge selection of gorgeous belts. This Cole Haan Patent Leather Belt is a great neutral belt, and could be worn in belt loops or over a cardigan.

I love this black and white polka dot scarf from Macy’s. It’s interesting, but not distracting, and could be styled many different ways.

Shopruche was recommended to me by a friend over the weekend, and I can’t get enough! I love, love these refined romance dangling earrings. For $15.99, they are a gorgeous steal.

Accessories can be found just about anywhere, at all price points. Your outfit won’t look complete without some sort of finishing touch. Find some accessories you love, and have fun with it!


  1. hAccessories can be found just about anywhere, at all price points. Your outfit won’t look complete without some sort of finishing touch. Find some accessories you love, and have fun with it!


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