A pink plane? That promotes breast cancer awareness? That is cool.

a pink and white airplane flying in the skySeriously, how cool is this? Brazilian airline Azul has purchased a pink plane to promote breast cancer awareness. They are also promoting FEMAMA, a Brazilian non-profit group fighting the disease. During the first week of the plane’s operation, the airline will conduct awareness initiatives on breast cancer screening and self examination procedures at the Brazilian airports where the plane will land.

The plane was recently manufactured by turboprop manufacturer ATR, and Azul is operated by JetBlue founder David Neeleman. It’s certainly not every day that passengers see a pink plane – or that they see a plane dedicated to promoting a social cause. I wish they would get one here! I would love to see that.



  1. This is fantastic! Not sure if you are familiar, but here at Delta we introduced a new signature pink plane just last year, which extends Delta’s ‘pink’ message and its support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation internationally. This aircraft replaced an existing pink-and-white Boeing 757 that flew primarily in North America since 2005. We have additional info on our site here: http://bit.ly/iimK42.

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