The Funniest Sign I’ve Seen In a Long, Long Time

A recent stay at a hotel went in a routine fashion, except for one thing. As I was setting my toiletries in the bathroom, I saw a little sign. Usually these signs say things like, “Don’t worry! If you forgot your toothbrush, toothpaste, etc., you can get one from us!” So, I ignored this sign for a while. Then I noticed it look unusually long for that type of sign, and I took a closer look. And laughed for probably ten minutes. Thanks for making my day!!

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  1. Oh, so you were staying in a Holiday Inn, since they’re the ones who’ve used that stupid sign for years. I personally find it really tacky. It makes me wish I was staying someplace nicer. I’ve yet to see any of the listed items in a room with that sign that were of such a quality I’d want to take them home.

  2. You know, if it’s a nice comforter, $80 isn’t a bad deal. Though I bet the real winners are the people who see the sign and think, “You know, maybe there’s a market for gently-used hotel room items….”

  3. What do they charge for the sign? I think it would be funny to put that in your guest room, and well worth the charge.

  4. What?? That’s crazy!! And funny! But seriously, did they NOT have any of these things in your room? Or did they charge your if they were missing? And $25 for an ALARM CLOCK! LOL!!

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