Fabulous Clutches

I’m feeling in a very “bag” mood today. And I started thinking. I love my L&S tote that I use for travel. It is the best travel bag I’ve ever owned. But it’s black, and while I appreciate its versatility, it’s nice to have a little “pop” once in a while. This is why I own a bright orange wallet (love, love it!) and my wristlets and clutches are all colored and fun. Plus, it’s very handy to have a small purse while traveling when my tote is just too big. Having a colorful clutch is a great way to express personality in small doses. For example, the full-size bags from Anuschka are beautiful, but may be a tad much for a professional environment. The Mini-Travel Companion, a green and white pursethough, is the perfect size for such an interesting and dramatic print. So here are a few of my favorite wristlets and clutches.

Jill-E Designs Lime Green Wristlet is an affordable, sassy clutch with an interesting shape and room for all of the essentials. I love that it comes with both a wrist strap and a longer strap, so you can use whichever is more convenient for your situation.a yellow purse with a strap

I actually own this Lilly Accordion Organizer from Latico in a purple color. It is so fabulous–it holds a ton of stuff, the adorable floral lining makes me smile Invalid request error occurred.every time I open it, and it hangs at exactly the right length.

The lovely Anuschka line is what inspired this whole post–each piece is handmade and hand painted, so each one is unique. I so love the Peacock Safari print, an interesting mix of color and neutrals painted onto leather. The Mini Travel Companion with lots of pockets, a good size, and a long strap make it seem like, well, the perfect travel companion!

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