How did we do things before computers?

I have been having a heck of a couple of weeks. Traveled every week in October, including that trip over to Manila, and spent the last two days driving all over Texas. Everything has gone surprisingly smoothly, except for one thing.

My computer.

For the last several months, my system has been randomly blue screen-ing or shutting down. The last few weeks it’s been doing it every day. I finally got it to our IT department (no easy feat since I’m a remote employee) and they said the word that computer users dread hearing. It’s……the motherboard. They have to order a new motherboard, which means I won’t have a computer for several days. In this age of computer everything, that’s a hard pill to swallow. I have our ancient slow personal computer to use, luckily, but all of my blog stuff is on my computer that is currently in another city.

So I appreciate your patience with my posting for a few days. I will do the best I can but who knows how things will turn out.

Fun fact: My IT department said that computers who travel a lot don’t last as long. Interesting, right? Lame, but interesting.


  1. That was one of the reasons I went with the MacBook Air a few months ago – no moving parts to get jostled around when I travel. At least you still have your smartphone! Losing both at the same time would render me completely helpless.

  2. @ChiTown – The motherboard isn’t a moving part and you just as easily get a PC without “moving parts” (a hard drive). Since it is a work PC, I’m sure the Roadwarriorette doesn’t get to choose what kind it is…

  3. one thing you could do is use a service like dropbox, or to store your blog files and sync them across computers so you can always have access to them. Also, you would never (not really never but you get the idea) be without them; accessible anywhere!

  4. I guess that’s why we have smartphones and tablets as backup. I saw an old video of Pan Am booking and things required so much more time and manpower before the internet.

  5. I’ve had Apple laptops in the past and they are just as (un)reliable as other good brands. Some of my friends have Apple laptops and they always seem surprised when their laptop fails — and I point out (to their displeasure!) that many of the components (chips, drives, memory, etc) inside a Apple laptop is similar to what you would find inside other good brands. So failure rates of all good brands are actually quite similar. Don’t get an Apple just because you think they’re more reliable, just get a laptop from a brand you trust that suits you. Also look at how good the after-sales service is, good brands should be able to provide quicker/better warranty service.

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