Crafty travel tip: Hang your pattern!

I am currently working on a lace shrug, and I need to consult the pattern on every row. In the middle of the flight, that’s not too hard—just lower your tray table. But during takeoff and landing, it gets a bit trickier. You can’t use your tray table to hold your patterns, but you still want to use that time to knit (or crochet, or crossstitch, or whatever your craft is). Enter crafty creativity. I figured out that I can hang my pattern from the tray table clip. This puts the pattern right at eye level, so it’s easy to glance at it without breaking your rhythm. I actually like that more than putting it down on the table.

a piece of paper stuck in a piece of luggage

In coach, this works great, and actually one of the few places where something is easier in coach than in first. Since there aren’t tray tables on the seat in front of you in first, I used the pocket that holds the blanket. The idea is the same, but the execution isn’t quite as good. Still, easier than no pattern at all!

a seat belt in a seat


  1. Been doing this for years! And if you need to park your needle (cross stitch that is), you can stick in the seat. 🙂

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