Contest!! Win a Mighty Leaf Gift Set!! (closed)

After sitting on a freezing plane for hours on end, nothing warms you up like a steaming cup of tea. Tea’s comforting properties increase exponentially when it’s cold and blustery outside. My favorite brand of tea is Mighty Leaf, and as I’ve mentioned, I keep bags of Vanilla Bean and Chamomile Citrus with me at all times with I travel. Mighty Leaf was so happy to be included as part of my Top Five Travel Necessities (Hotel Edition) that they contacted me to do a contest for my readers! What a great company.

The gift set is valued at $50, and includes:

They sent me a set as well, so I can vouch for its awesomeness. I have been using the TeaTop Brew Mug, and it is super cool. Watch for a full review later this week!

To enter the contest, write a comment answering the following: What is your favorite travel beverage and why? We will draw a winner at random on Monday December 12. Open to US residents only (sorry international readers!!). As always, only one entry per person.

Check out MightyLeaf on Twitter @MightyLeaf  or on Facebook!

Thanks for playing everyone. Good luck!


  1. My favorite travel beverage is unsweetened iced tea. It’s healthy and hydrating. A flight attendant taught me I can order hot tea with ice to make my own unsweetened iced tea.

  2. If I’m upgraded on a plane (or have certificates) and don’t have to be 100% sober when I land, I’ll enjoy a whiskey on the rocks. Water all other times with hot tea when it’s cold outside.

  3. I drink lots of ‘calming’ type teas…I have so many that naming them would take a while…

    travelling every week for most of this year is stressful, so I try to do things that counteract that.

  4. Ginger tea for me, helps with any traveling jitters, keeps me warm, and no caffeine so I am not antsy on the plane.

  5. Most important drink – water. Favorite drink – americano, especially a good one from an illy cafe (Starbucks is my default if I don’t see a nice cafe). My husband prefers Jack Daniels 🙂

  6. Flavored coffee – I don’t drink it often so when I do it seems so indulgent and when I’m traveling it can help me destress a bit.

  7. Water in my own reusable water bottle- limitless free refills at airport water fountains!! No worries if I spill a bit in transit and it’s important to stay hydrated for a gazillion different reasons. 🙂

  8. I love having tea when I travel because I prefer caffeine free and doesn’t give bad breath like coffee, and I can use without sugar if I prefer.

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